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  1. Is there any spiritual books on Psychedelics? Or know of any? I'd love to read some if there's any. Even if it's a Philosophy book, I just would like to read one. Give me some titles or Authors to check out if you know of any. Thank you! I always love learning and absorbing my mind into something new. :blush:
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    It's not spiritual and at best could be considered quasi-philosophical but

    Food of the Gods - Terence Mckenna

    He goes in depth on psychedelics, provides some critiques of Western Civilization and takes what I'll call a pseudoarcheological approach to promote some interesting hypotheses.

    The Doors of Perception - Aldous Huxley

    Details his experience with mescaline and provides some interesting perspectives.

    DMT: The Spirit Molecule - Rick Strassman

    Written primarily from his position as a psychiatrist but incorporates themes of Buddhism and speculation about his experiments of delivering DMT to test subjects.
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  3. Thank you for these suggestions, I'll be sure to check them out!

    They can be philosophical too. I wouldn't mind now thinking about it. I'm just trying to read about new subjects and keep my mind busy during this isolation.

    Thanks again!! :hearteyes:
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