Psychedelics and hippies

Discussion in 'The Psychedelic Experience' started by Los_Pepes, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Los_Pepes

    Los_Pepes Banned

    Hippies are niggers.

  2. PLyTheMan

    PLyTheMan Senior Member

    What the fuck?
  3. BraceYourEyes

    BraceYourEyes Member

    haha so true.
  4. mellow

    mellow Eased

    makes you wonder what kind of close minded moron made that
  5. nudeinthesand

    nudeinthesand Member

    awww???very interisting.....some people are just born stupid
  6. Twizz

    Twizz Drug Conoisseur

    That is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
  7. yeah. pretty much.
  8. Roger Light

    Roger Light Member

    i just dont get the point ...
  9. dannyandryan

    dannyandryan Member

    did r crumb really do that or is it bs
  10. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    A charles Manson fan.
  11. When people act like this, they actually become activists for the cause they are opposing. They show all of us exactly how we don't want to be.
  12. rydns

    rydns Member

    im not afraid

    if i have to shoot a fellow whitey ill do it,
    if i have to shoot a black ill do it,
    if i have to shoot a hispanic ill do it,
    and if i have to shoot an asian ill give um five seconds. then ill do it.

    and this aint the scaryest thing ever

    thats princes new video

  13. Psychotropic

    Psychotropic Member

    Where are the fucking hippies ?
  14. AlfredNewman

    AlfredNewman Member

    oh wow congrats...u can down others cuz we're different than're cool...have fun with you shit life smoking shwag and fucing up you shady motha fucka
  15. Oy. Ignore him. He's just trying to piss us off.
  16. Greengirl

    Greengirl Senior Member

    i dont get this

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