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    Hi my name is Starfire and I am a psychedelic activist from Denver, Colorado. I am establishing a controversial ministry dedicated to providing profound and prophetic wisdom concirning the use of psychedelics as religious sacraments and for mind expansion. Currently I am offering a copy of my spiritual manifesto "Omnica: Book One" which is will soon become known as THE mystical/political manifesto of the psychedelic culture in America and abroad. I am attempting to raise funds for my ministry so I ask that anyone interested in receiving a copy please send a donation of five dollars or more to cover printing and postage. If you would like a copy and can't send a donation a free copy will be provided to you with the availability of funds.

    Please send donations and/or inquiries to the treasurer of the Omnian Ministry: Rev. Aaron Chapman, 4500 E. Jewell St. #211, Denver, Co 80222

    Peace, Love, and Enlightenment....................Starfire.

    p.s. Here is a copy of my synopsis and authors bio

    "Omnica: Book One and Book Two" are the first of a series of works prophesied to alter the consciousness of humankind in preparation for the "Transhuman Neogenesis" a leaping forward in human evolution. "Book One: A Spiritual Manifesto" provides the new age reader with accurate and profound wisdom concerning the mystical use of psychedelics as a religious sacrament, and gives a formula for creating a peaceful psychedelic society. "Book Two: Diary of a Psychedelic Mystic" deals with the author’s personal psychedelic experiences and his struggle to enlighten humankind to the power of psychedelic sacraments.

    Starfire, the controversial author of "Omnica: Book One and Two", is not just a writer, but a prophet of the new age, and not just a prophet, but a martyr for the cause of religious freedom. Dedicating his life to abolishing the despotic oppression of the psychedelic culture in America and abroad, he envisions a new global culture that recognizes the profound worth of the expansion of human consciousness. He heralds the day when humankind will coexist in perpetual peace until the end of time, guided by a new human culture of telepathic synergy.
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    Hey there, and welcome to the forums! I'm Lauren :)
  3. rock.
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    You have found a great place to be.
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    WeLcOmE tO tHe FoRuMs, StArFiRe!


    HaVe FuN pOsTiNg!

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    Hi, welcome to the forums. This place is great!
    Peaceful thoughts your way.
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    Hey Starfire. Welcome to the boards. I'm Brie. Have fun here. :)
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