PsYcHeDeLiC NoMaDs - Cloud Forest Camping - Costa Rica

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  1. fedster

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    Cloud Forest Camping
    Sacramento de Heredia, Volcán Barba

    Feb 21 - 22 2009


    Psychedelic Nomads and friends.

    More Info:

    Location: Nomads PsyCampus ( Finca PRivada 65 hectareas a 2400 msnm - Faldas del Volcan Barva )

    Cover 5000 colones ($10)

    This ranch is a natural paradise it is part of the impact zone of the cloudforest, Nationalpark Volcan Barva. Due to its location which is 2400 meters above sea level it hosts a variety of microclimas changing in little time.

    It is forbidden to extract plants, to make alternate firesites. Lets be aware of Nature and take your garbage with you, lets leave no trace.

    -Full Camping Site with view to the dancefloor, forest, lake, the valley or the ocean ... you choose

    -Activity is powered with a generator (no lights, no services, no roof)

    -Due to the nature of the place there will be no toillets, just Eco toilets.

    -Bring your toys and good vibe to share

    IMPORTANT: For security Reasons the entrance will only be allowed by day, at night the gates close and the activity remains inside. It will be not possible to enter the site at night dont insist!

    Hours to enter the site: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 from 9:00am - 8:00pm
    The entrance is at daytime because from the parking lot you have to hike through the forest to the campus.

    Bring your own Stash, beverages & food!!

    this activity is dedicated to all the psychedelic nomads out there, who dance, who travel and share this lifestyle!!

    Get your backpack ready!! ---- goa party never stops

    ...and after every night a happy aurora!!

    For further info, maps & pics of the place check it out here:

    or write us an email to : or

    see you in the forest!!!


  2. seeingblind

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    god i wish i could travel to costa rica

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