Psycedelic use on the rise among toxic capatilism

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    Interesting read. I definitely agree. The trip is a way to show yourself life is not what it seems.

    Why a New Generation is Turning to Psychedelics

    Consider the friction of unnatural living under modern global capitalism: social media meltdowns, claustrophobic commutes, unobtainable housing, insecure jobs, and overcrowded cities with too many lonely people. Adderall and coffee to rush you through the day and cocaine to keep you chattering into the night. Offices where your colleagues message you instead of turning their heads to talk. Where a Netflix binge is your best friend, where our politicians tell us that global warming will fix itself, where anxiety and pain are at epidemic levels, and going to university leaves you in debt for the rest of your life.
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    It should be about expanding your mind not escaping.
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    I had mixed emotions reading that article. I had to speed read so I may have glossed over things but using psychedelics to "cope" or for instance relegating DMT to vape pen controlled small doses to take at the club, seem in stark contrast to some of the ideas of the Mckennas and Learys and people I admire.

    It doesn't surprise me that corporations are starting to set their sights on psychedelics. Both LSD and MDMA were being praised by various professionals prior to them being scheduled and with the use of microdosing being kind of chic, I think it's more appealing to the masses.

    It doesn't surprise me about the increase in psychedelic use either. The dark net makes obtaining these substances more accessible, particularly in bulk and iirc they mentioned these stats in comparison to 2004, which I think was fresh off of one of the biggest LSD busts ever.
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    True but I see it as both. You expand your mind by escaping the system. You then see why the system is broken. But I don't think psychedelic should a common coping mechanism like an anti-depressant. They are best not used everyday.
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