Protest hippy profiling and excessive force in law enforcement

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Cryptoman, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Cryptoman

    Cryptoman Member

    I know I'll probably get some shit for this one, but here goes anyway...
    When are we going to say enough is enough?
    Racial profiling is a FACT now, and has been documented in several case studies. (Not providing the links, but you can do a search and find all the material you need) What's not mentioned in the racial profiling studies is the attitude cops have for poor people, and people that they consider...unsavory? (hippies)

    I have friends that are constantly harassed by the cops. They may have long hair and drive beat up old cars, but they're good people that wouldn't harm anyone. One of these people called the police to report that their car was broken into, and that the stereo was stolen. The cop showed up and refused to take the report because he said that he thought he smelled weed. This person was clean and had been for over a month. No report because the person needing help was judged as unworthy. They called back to the police station to report what had happened and they said that they would send someone else out to take the report...they never did.

    The same thing happened to some other friends who had left their wallet on the counter of McDonalds. In the matter of 5 minutes, the money was removed and the wallet returned to the counter. The whole place has cameras, but the management, nor the police even bothered to look at the tapes. It was only about a hundred bucks, but to these people, a hundred bucks is the difference between eating or not.

    And last, but not least. A friend of mine ran a red light trying to make it back to a restraunt before it closed so he could get his daughters coat. She'd forgotten it and he was trying to get it for her. He was pulled over and after an argument with the cop, he was beaten to death by him and his "back up". There wasn't anything in the local paper, but the coroners report was leaked somehow and it was reported that he died of massive head trauma. It happened in Rolla, MO and it was the Phelps county sherrifs department that administered the "justice"

    I used to have a lot of trouble with the cops until I shaved my head and got a halfway decent car, then, when I could blend in better, my troubles stopped. Seriously, I haven't been pulled over in a long time, but my friends keep getting harassed. Is there any wonder the cops are so hated? Is there any wonder that they're not trusted? Public schools teach kids to trust cops, I warn my daughter NOT to trust them. They're human beings, with EGO, powertrips and a gun. Have they done anything to earn our trust? Not mine!

    So, aside from blending into the mainstream, and trying to be something that we're not, how can we stop profiling of the "Wrong kind" of people.

    I've recently left Missouri, and am in Washington state now. I hope it'll be better here, but don't hold out much hope.
  2. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    Dude, ya got access to a computer. Get active. Publish your stories, find more, get some networking going on, it's not that hard. And it really does do some good. I live in a small rural county, sort of like living in a small town, just more spread out. There are 5 local websites so far that I know of that stand up to the powers that be and tell it like it is. Everything from a couple regular daily alternative news sites to a couple of off the wall underground blog sites. We have the cops scrambled in these parts (IDIOTS).... If it were not for people who have the guts to stand up to them and tell the stories, nobody would know about stuff like this. Now, in this county, ALOT of folks know. And even the cops and the lawyers and the magistrates and the JUDGE are reading... (Sorry guys, didn't think I was gonna leave it in WV did ya?) Here's my contribution, with links to the others...

    I think it may be the same everywhere or will be soon...

    And FYI, things like this seem to happen even MORE to those who are computer illiterate, or just plain illiterate. I am discovering that as I go along in my endevor. So I realized that I have to go out hunting for people's stories instead of waiting for them to come to me online, 'cause alot of folks don't even know these websites exist...
  3. Breakxeggs

    Breakxeggs Member

    Hippies are dirty though, I'll give them that.
  4. Magical Fire Lady

    Magical Fire Lady Senior Member

    Its true. Not that all hippies are dirty but that cops definitly discriminate against people that look alternative. Its horrible. Your stories are really effective and I believe it. My boyfriend has long hair and once he got pulled over for speeding while leaving my house, and they searched his whole car, was asking all these questions about where he was going and they shined lights in his eyes, asked where I lived cuz he said he was coming from my house.. its not fair, he didn't go anything except have long hair to be treated that way.

    I can't say that all cops do this, and that all cops are assholes cuz thats not true. But some definitely are and can suck it.
  5. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    Another amazingly intelligent statement. The earth is dirty. People who try too hard to stay clean and spotless in a dirty world are lame. You cannot stay spotless, nor keep your living space spotless if you have any kind of real life. You work, you get dirty. You spend time outside, you get dirty. You come in from outside, you bring in dirt on your feet. You walk on the ground, you get dirt on your feet. If you spend all your time worrying about a little dirt, you are wasting your time. Some people understand that a little dirt won't hurt them. It's all ego and appearances anyhow.
  6. Sylvian

    Sylvian Member

    I don't mind a clean home, but on the other hand I do not mind a somewhat messy one either. As long as I can live without risking some serious disease or nasty infection I'm good...

    But, to the statement that hippies ar dirty... Hippies aren't dirtier than anyone else, that is a myth. I have hippie friends who shower up to twice a day (yes, I know, idiotic and not healthy) and who have neet and overly tidy homes. Breakxeggs, you deserve a spanking...

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