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    The Republic of Moldova has a vast majority of romanian population and has been a part of Romania until the Russian Empire occupied it,for its opening at the Black Sea.Throughout the last 50 years many moldavians tried to fight the russian propaganda and to keep their national identity.The Moldavian Government,under heavy russian influence,declared that the Moldavian republic and people have no connection with Romania;the people never been asked about their beliefs nor wether they desire to unite with Romania.

    Recently,the moldavian authorities have changed the profiles of moldavian highschools from "romanian-french","romanian-english","romanian-russian" to "moldavian-french","moldavian-english" and so on.
    Highschool students were outraged by these changes and 4 students (Tudor Cojocari, Vitalie Zgarbur, Sergiu Stârcea si Andrei Dumitriu) of the "Gh.Asachi" highschool,the best in the country,have ripped off the "moldavian-french" inscription and replaced it with the "romanian-french" one.The 4 now face imprisonment.Regardless of political reasons,this punishment is far too harsh for their deed.

    Let me remind you that the 2 countries share a common language,a common history for as long as we know except for the last 50 years and that the majority of the population is treated like a tolerated minority.

    On the 11th of June,hours 13-15:00 local time (GMT+2 hours) there shall be a protest at the Moldavian Embassy in Romania,for the release of the 4 children,organised by the "21st of December 1989" Asociation.
    Please support us and protest at the Moldavian Embassy/Consulate in your country.
    I just found out about it,and got a group of 14 to join the protest.

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