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  1. When I partake of salvia, I love it when I can let go and let salvia. I have been working with techniques that help in the letting go process. I have had alot of good experiences mostly, but seem to notice little things that cause distractions sometimes along the way. Things like something touching me or sitting in a funny position. Even though I may meld, I seem to be distracted from the letting go and start rushing for the exit back to ER (everyday reality). So far the best body position I have used is that of laying on my back without any distractions to my arms or legs or anything for that matter. The best time has been at nite in the darkest place. This brings the most vivid visions. I tried during the day with a mindfold, but the light outside my body kept the visions away. No music is needed because my internal thoughts seem to become magnified. I guess what I am trying to say is I would like to gather information from the salvia hipsters in proper practice of entering the SD (salvia dimension).
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    it seems like being relaxed is pretty important. the time that i was being pulled away from ER was after i took a minute to stop myself my freaking out because of what was going on. but all that did was take me deeper down the rabbit hole! doh!

    i guess you also kind of have to be ready to die. i for sure know i wouldn't be able to go all the way unless i was fine with never coming back this reality. even though i know i would come back.
  3. Yeah being ready to die helps. How about body position. Lying on back has helped me release a sort of nervousness. Im still working with head postion. im tossed between flat on the back of the head or a pillow. I tried today but the place I picked didnt have enough space to move my arms around my sides without touching something. And even though I had a mindfold on, It seemed the bright daylight around my body kept the visions away. The lack of freedom for my arms and the daylight kept salvia at bay. I know a few times when I would smoke on the back porch at nite, Salvia showed me visions of a hogan I was to build and use to commune with her in the dark of nite and in the pitch black of the inner hogan.
  4. Ok a new developement. I moved some furniture around the living room to make a space where I could lay and extend my arms in any direction about me. Earlier today during an experiment, I felt the urge to move my arms up above my head but the movement was blocked due to furniture in the area chosen. When I brought my attention back to that experiment and practiced new arm movement I realized what salvia was trying to show me. While lying flat on the back the arms need to be out to the sides about shoulder height. And the attempt at creating total darkness in a lit room with a mindfold eyeshade proved ineffective. I could sense the light around my body which hindered visions, even with the mindfold. So nightime is essential if you are looking for the vivid visions. I am still working to see if a pillow or some type of head support is effective.
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    I don't understand how anything could distract you while on Salvia. First of all, you should be using a trip sitter...just needed to throw that out there...

    But could be walking around punching your friends in the face screaming for help, and you would have no clue that your body was doing this, because you would be in a different place and time. I just don't see how the environment would make much of a difference?
  6. i dont like smoking salvia with people. i like to smoke it alone. no need for a sitter IMO. i dont like it when people stare at you. even if its to see that your ok, i can feel there eyes on me. lol cant stand it
  7. Any sitter I could find would only give me grief for even partaking of such a taboo. People I know do not understand power plants like I do. The purpose of this thread was to discuss effect technique for letting go fully. There is hinderances such as something your looking at or someone speaking in mundane converstion distracting you from full ego loss. So far the best technique is to smoke in the darkest most quiet and safest room possible while lying down, no disturbances. I find the Jesus Christ pose lying flat on back, head slightly elevated in complete silent darkness. Transports me completely into the salvia dimension. A sitter might help the shaman by having bowl prepared for the journeyer as they go. But that sitter needs to keep it quiet and not move a muscle while the traveler travels.
  8. To get the most from salvia you need to acheive as much sensory deprivation as possible. In the dark, silent, meditating, etc. I know exactly what you mean though with something always distracting you and keeping you from fully letting go. i find if i meditate for maybe half an hour before the experience i can let go way more.
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    I don't like laying down on it, I only tried it once though and it failed. I will try that again and see. Darkness too failed, but not so miserably as laying down. I have tripped hard on grass, out side, in the cold. But a good couch always seems to do the trick, even regular music can be fun, not deep and far and away, but it feels like time jumping into the rythm, like you just feel the beat coursing through your muscles. I wanna try goa psy, but that website.. doesn't make sense to me. Salvia is calling my name so I will be hitting up my stash in a bit.

    I did want to throw the notion out there that higher extracts may not mean a deeper or more complex high, the most vivid trip I have ever had was the first one on the toilet seat with music blasting with 10x and me ignorant as fuck, now that I know it just seems more elusive and weak, could 10x actually be where it is at? Thoughts.. comments?
  10. Yeah goa psy try it at I havent tried this particular station with salvia since I have been working with proper technique. The last time I tried salvia last week, I applied the Jesus Christ pose while lying on my back in my pitch black garage late at nite without any disturbances. I also had a mindfold eyeshade and earplugs to reduce noise. During the onset I felt the urge to adopt a new position but denied the request. As salvia began to speak into my thoughts as always she ridiculed me abit for the jesus christ pose explaining that that was not the proper postion. The most vivid visions yet were achieved becoming 3D salvia traingles that rotated clockwise with a vivid purple background. As the vivid began to fade lost due to the distraction of not having adopted the proper position. Salvia was kind enough to show me the proper pose. Which is that of a kneeling person with the head down. After the trip passed I adopted the new position and maintained it for an afterglow meditation. I am certain that this is the proper pose if one is not lying in there own bed at nite. I have used this pose previously with great success many other times but still with confusion of absolute proper postioning. This next time I am confident that all the kinks will be worked out. I am very cautious when partaking of the divine herb due to her nature. A certain degree of sobriety is needed when approaching her. So all day bud smoking and late nite drinking exclude me on many occasions to partaking. She has left in me a fear and reverence in handling her. But since last weeks experiment she has been more welcoming to me.
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    She quite likes the imbecile in me who takes a bottle of dxm and them rips salvia in the dark. sHOWED me some shit. AMEN.

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