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    Dear transgender and transexual poets,

    I'm from a writers' resources company called Winning Writers. Part of our mission is to find and promote voices and themes underrepresented in publishing, including (but of course not limited to) racial, cultural, national, religious, gender/sexual identity, body positive, and [dis]abled. We are interested primarily in the representation of the voices/themes in the poetry, rather than the identity of the writer. The Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest we are running right now offers two first prizes of $2,000 each. Ten honorable mentions will receive $100 each, and the top twelve entries will all be published on our site. The contest is international and the deadline is September 30.

    Our competitions are listed by The Write Life as some of the top writing competitions out there. You can also find a lot of free resources for writers, including a database of free poetry and prose competitions, at the Winning Writers website.

    I know this isn't a poetry forum per se, but there are a lot of talented people here and I just wanted to reach out in case anyone was looking for an opportunity like this. Thanks for listening, and have a good day.

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