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Discussion in 'TV' started by thepixies, May 8, 2004.

  1. thepixies

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    it was about this south eatern sea-side town called lee and teh government wanted to set up an asylum centre tehre, for asylum seekers to go to. but all the residents of this village put up banners saying things like "we dotn want asylum seekers" and saying "they'd rape and kill us" and generally being really in-hospitable to say the least. and tehy made a giant group called the daedalus thing and just protested, and teher was onkly about one person who wanted to help the asylum seekers.

    and it made me ashamed to be british
  2. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    Do you watch Coupling? If so answer my question please, was it cancelled or are they still making new episodes?
  3. neato skeeto
  4. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    We had to watch that today in was so sad :(

    I can't believe people would act like that...and the scary thing is that loads of people in my class were agreeing with what they were saying :(

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