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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Manifest831, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Manifest831

    Manifest831 Member

    Whenever i'm high I have a problem talking. My voice is quite and sounds weird and it feels like there is something in my throat. I can't have any conversation without sounding weird and it looks and sounds bad. any suggestions?
  2. Mother's Love

    Mother's Love Generalist

    i recommend a few things. first, practice articulating when you are sober. in choir we practiced singing while holding a pen in our mouths. tough to do but it helps.
    when you are high sit in front of the mirror and talk to yourself, especially with bigger more complicated words. you have to be comfortable with yourself. check your throat for swelling, tonsils or glands can be uncomfortable at times. drink more fluids.

    i have an occasional whistle (that no one else notices) sometimes with s sounds. but worse is sometimes i have like a hollow sound inside my skull. its like when i talk theres an echo, like my ears havent popped or something. its weird and annoying.

    you'll be ok.
  3. jaren420

    jaren420 Member

    yes this happens to me alot too. i get really stoned and just dont talk. i think ill sound bad. and sometimes when im super baked i cant even think of shit to say.
  4. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    I have never heard of that. I mean if I were to smoke a few big bowls I may not be able to concentrate and mumble a bit. But I have never had those kind of troubles.
  5. strat

    strat Member

    I'm always too busy listening to others or watching the room change. I can manage to say, "Uuh, hey, man... uh... Well... Do you know if there's any water around here that I could have?"
  6. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    i used to get kinda self conscious when i smoked thought i sounded stupid or something.

    i grew out of if, my voice is the same high as it is regular so why should i feel bad about something i sound like all the time.

    now i just dont feel the watn to talk when im stoned I kinda just ask for water like the guy above said, once i got a cool drink in my hand i just close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of being stoned or observe the surroundings or people around me and thin kabout stuff.

    talking is a hassle in my opinion whe nyour stoned.
  7. Treath

    Treath Member

    It's just probably your mouth and throat is dry. Drink water.
    But it's kind of normal when you're stoned, since you hear and say things a little differently than when you're sober.
  8. i have the same problems, i tend to stutter too.
  9. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    yeah man, the feeling in your throat is probably just cause you got cotton mouth.

    drink a cup of water or two and you'll be fine, always does the trick for me.

    first thing after i toke i either get water or ask one of my friends yo man i need some water. i usually just bring a bottle of water, just incase someone is gonna be generous enogh to toke.

    anyone felt this?

    like you get dry mouth, dry throat and feels like theres lump. thats normal cotton mouth.

    but my chest in the middle where my windpipe is feels like its ripping, and it sends sharp pains through my chest, like someone is stabbing my windpipe.

    water always helps it and if i just breath and chill.

    only happens when im high, sometiems when im not.

    prboably cause i ma tobaccoo smoker.
  10. manicpeace

    manicpeace Member

    Lol i get that like all the time, most of the time though it turns out to just becaus of cottonmouth
  11. xSOADxX075

    xSOADxX075 Member

    i have that problem, i usually solve it with always drinking water, like carry it on you at all times and drink it frequently when you're high.

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