Discussion in 'Music' started by didge, May 22, 2004.

  1. didge

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    I Love Prince.
  2. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

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    ah me too

    i just got his new cd, musicology, im loving it;)
  3. Carnivore

    Carnivore Visitor

    I have just recently been getting into the music of Prince, as my signature photo indicates. I think that he is great, even though I haven't always thought that way. I actually made a thread about his music about two weeks ago, although only one person responded to it. As for the music, I think that he is one of the most innovative popular African-American musicians of the last twenty-five years. Just listen to a song like "Let's Go Crazy", or "When Doves Cry", and try to compare it with any other songs in the mainstream. Even his most popular songs, like these, are pretty unconventional in their approach, and showcase how creative he is when it comes to approaching music.

    Do you have his 1980 album Dirty Mind? I just got this album a few weeks ago, and it is fantastic; probably the best work that I have yet heard from him. This album was arranged, produced, composed, and performed by Prince himself when he was just twenty-two years old, which is incredible, to say the least. He has help from one or two musicians on a couple songs, but other than that, it is all him. Once again, Prince manages to create music that is accessible, yet wholly original with this album. He also shattered boundaries with the lyrics of this album and was a primary target of the PMRC in the eighties. I would highly recommend this album.

    Many people don't take Prince seriously. I know that I didn't for a long time. But when you listen to more than one or two songs of his, and really pay attention to the instrumentation of much of his work, the inescapable conclusion is that he is an amazing musician, whose influence over current popular music is enormous. And unlike some of his contemporaries, like Michael Jackson, Prince's music is influential without being bad; far from it, in fact.
  4. Xiola

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    YAY! I love him too! :)
  5. mimosa

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    Prince can't be categorized. That's why I love his music. He's like no one else. Really great music. Innovative and too many other words to describe him, some of those words not even thought up yet. I got my first Prince CD in 1982 and I still love what he does with music.

    edit to say, it wasn't a CD, it was a tape. Duh, we didn't have CD's then. but it's all music still. :)
  6. WayfaringStranger

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    I Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv the artist currently known as Prince. i wanted to go see him a couple of years ago but couldnt find anyone else who wanted to go. tickets were 95 bux and i offered to pay someones ticket to go, but nobody understood, nobody understands.
  7. sassure

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    His music for the BATMAN movie was really sizzling.....and those songs remain my favorites, although MUSICOLOGY does have some pretty inspired stuff...the guy's an original.
  8. interval_illusion

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    i was gonna see prince with ryan but couldnt. then he was around here n i was away.

    i cant say i ALWAYS love prince but i CAN say i many times LOVE prince.

    yrs. ago i remember dancing to "when doves cry" turned house for raves...

    man, prince is talented.....
  9. beachbum7

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    I love the song Musicology. I had two of CDs, but I sold them (I don't know what I was thinking). But it's great to see Prince with a funky new song.
  10. honeyhannah

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    Are you kidding me?! I've tried to deny liking prince b/c my dad loves him so much and I'm so weird about that, but I love prince and my aunt and uncle are supposedly taking me to a prince concert in august. I'm so excited!

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