Premature ejaculation :(

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Grunge Lord, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Grunge Lord

    Grunge Lord Member

    :( Yeah, I can't hold it at all is there anything I can do?
  2. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana Member

    commit suicide?

    nah, mang, I'm just being humourous. just wait for the excitement of sex to ware off. it's the only actual "cure". you cum quick because you get so turned on by everything. over time, that'll ware off. try fuckin some ugly dike, mang!
  3. CckBlocking

    CckBlocking Member

    Not having a penis I really can't offer you any advice on this other than just to keep practicing not cumming so soon while you masterbate (practice makes perfect).
    Also, I and probably most other girls don't so much as mind if you edjaculate prematurely as long as you give her some attention and make her orgasm through oral or other methods. Keep her happy and she wont complain.

    Good luck
  4. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana Member

    the masturbation thing doesn't work, and it's bad for you. you'll just have to give it time, until sex stops being so interesting for you.
  5. Grunge Lord

    Grunge Lord Member

    Well, I am fairly new to the sex thing. As for making my partner orgasm through other methods, I get lost down there its so dark and cavernous. LOL
  6. bluegill

    bluegill Member

    man, if u feel one coming on too fast just slow down and think of something totally disgusting....try picturing something in your head that totally turns u off, but not to the point u cant forgetabout it because if u do to much thinking it might ruin it 4 ya.....but that should help....if not try 4play and go first
  7. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Actually it does work bro. You have to do it properly though or it can be very bad for you
  8. Grunge Lord

    Grunge Lord Member

    Theres a proper way to masturbate?
  9. drewbee

    drewbee Member

    lol... everything I try to think of always ends up turning to sex... I once repeted the toys r us song in my head to distract me and the next thing i knew their were barbies & kens in my head doing the naughty lol.
  10. drewbee

    drewbee Member

    how can masturbating be bad for you again?
  11. DoggoD

    DoggoD Member

    They make some condoms that have something on them that is suppost to delay you a little while (Durex brand), and also just wearing one will de-sensitize you enough. If it is to much and you cant feel anything get one of the ultrathin ones, they seem to still work well, and you can hardly tell you have it on.
  12. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Masturbation does NOT harm you in anyway ,despite what some people and convince you of...Period. Just Relax and be open with the Girl your doing the Dirty with ,Experiment and Touch Each other as often as possible ,Most of this is Mental ,your Worried so much about it your actually helping it...relaxxxxx...
  13. corinnex420

    corinnex420 Member

    seeing i am female im not quite sure what you should do. but maybe if u just slow down, or speed up on the sex it will help. cuz u wont be as used to it, or u will be so used to it that u will get more farmiliar with it.
  14. Lil' Blue

    Lil' Blue Member

    You could masturbate or have you girl Jack it until your about to cum then stop and squeeze the tip until you don't feel like your going to cum, do this 3-5 times, then if you've done ok controlling it, Try actullay having sex, have your girl ride you for 10 minutes or until you feel like you have to cum, pull out and squeeze to the tip until you don't have to cum. This will help you learn how to control when you cum.;)
  15. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    Ahahahahahahha, thats halarious!!

    and yeah, how's masturbating bad? Maybe if you yank it too hard down and pull the skin, but uhm... I think he'll get real quick don't do it that way! lol. I heard masturbating is really good for your deal. Allows you to learn more about yourself, what feels good, what doesn't, and you can practice ways to hold it off... I also heard masturbating is quite healthy psychologically, keeps you happy.

    And don't be afraid of our caverns! Just do a little reasearch. There used to be this awsome thread in here on how to give a girl oral. It had all these awsome tips. Maybe someone knows where it is and can post it again? I think it'll help.

    But it's true, this is probably mostly psychological. Relax. And it's also true, girls don't mind a guy who cums quick. I always thought I did, until I realized when he takes too long to cum I actually get bored. After 20 min of getting pounded and still no sign of cumming, I don't feel so sexy anymore. But when he comes quick I get so excited because he's feeling so good and it's me who's making him that way!

    I also heard cock rings help... Not sure though.
  16. Lil' Blue

    Lil' Blue Member

    Since when is mastrubation bad for you who told you that your mother?
  17. Lil' Blue

    Lil' Blue Member

    Just say MMMMM... when you wrap your lips around her she'll thank you for it
  18. -GOD-

    -GOD- Banned

    "Yeah, I can't hold it at all is there anything I can do?"

    Thy God used to have this problem. He simply tied a knot within his infinite dick.
  19. *MsOgynist*

    *MsOgynist* Member

    Another reason why guys just cannot satisfy a gal as only a gal can!
  20. RoBoWaLkEr

    RoBoWaLkEr Member

    How can masturbation hurt you? It can make you go blind, don't you know that? haha..

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