Pregnancy Tests - when?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Bassplayerjojo, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Do you necessarily have to wait until you are late to take a test? Or is it more accurate the longer you wait?
    Thanks ladies. =)
  2. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Some of the more expensive tests can work up to 3 days before your period is due. Pregnancy tests work on looking for a certain hormone you excrete when you are pregnant. Some womyn (and some pregnancies) excrete detectable amounts of the hormone earlier than others. If you are taking the test early, use FIRST morning urine, as it is higher in HCG, the hormone the tests detects. If it is negative, and you still haven't gotten a period in a week, take an other one. If you still haven't menstruated, please see a doctor.
  3. Hello ~ I took 4 test before I got a positive. I took 1 at 3 days late,,,,6 days late,,,,9 days late . Then I took my 4th test @ 15 days late and it was positive.
    I guess I didn't have enough of the hormone for the test to detect. I would wait ,, unless you have to know NOW ,,ask for a blood test. Each pee test is like $15.00-$20.00 bucks so I say do NOT waste your money yet.
  4. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    When you think yer prego!
  5. DecemberSun

    DecemberSun Member

    Everyone is different. If you read the little pamphlets inside the box, it says that only about 45% of women test positive 3 days before their period is due. Another 65% test + 2 days before, and 85% test + a day before, while only about 90% test + the first day of a missed period. The rates go up from there, the longer you wait the higher your HCG level goes up, as MaggieSugar said. Some of my friends don't test positive at all with a urine test, they always have to have a blood test in the beginning. I agree with a previous poster- don't waste your money until you're ab few days late. I know it's hard to wait not knowing, but it won't help matters if you take a test every day until you test + or start your period, right? What a waste of $$$. Good luck!
  6. akhc

    akhc Member

    14 days after conception is the standard day we use in assisted conception cycles.. eg 14 days after replacing embryoes in IVF cycles.. this with standard urine pregnancy test that can detect 30 units of HCG in the urine. some urine tests are less sensitive and require 50 units of HCG in the sample before they will test positive.

    in a 28 day cycle u would normally expect ovulation on day 14.. but this can vary of course and will lead to variation in cycle length.
  7. tom

    tom Member

    Uh, I'm a guy but I hope ya don't mind me posting. I'd say start testing yourself as soon as you suspect you might be pregnant. You can still bleed when your pregnant and mistake it for a period or if you have irregular cycles. It's especially important to test a.s.a.p if you're a regular smoker or "smoker", drink, whatever else.
  8. enigma_rising

    enigma_rising Member

    well said tom, its important to know early if your lifestyle would threaten the embryo, that said, some peoples dont get + results for days and days, so if you suspect...make the neccesary changes. end of the day if your not pregnant its only a short time of abstinance, if you are you know you have done the best for your baby. i didnt take the possibility seriously at first and felt enormous worry and guilt, thankfully everything looks fine so far but dont put yourself through that for nothing. xxx
  9. When I was 2 weeks late ,,I was 6 weeks preggers. Aparently that is the " rule of thumb" for gals that have regular cycles. 2 weeks late,,6 weeks preggers,,,,,3 weeks late,,,7 weeks preggers...etc......
    So I unfortunatly had drank & smoked ,, not like daily or anything ,,,but for the first 6 weeks I know I did. Doctor said not to worry ,,, some of that time the baby is not even attached yet. Here in AZ you can call your OBGYN and they will fax a sheet to the lab of your choice and you walk in and they take your blood and send results to the doctor,,,then they call you. That is FREE! With health insurance of course,,,,I will NEVER rely on the urine test again when it is that easy to get blood & blood is ALWAYS acurate.
  10. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    In Obstetrics, the "first day" of pregnancy is counted as the day of you last period. Even though you don't ovulate or actually become pregnant for two weeks. This is because not all womyn ovulate at the same time, and some have longer cycles. In terms of Obstetrical terms you are actually "pregnant" for two weeks or more before you conceive.

    Pregnancy is 40 weeks after your last period, or about 38 weeks after conception. As many womyn don't know the exact date of conception, doctors and midwives look at the period date.

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