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    i believe in some 50 years there will be a near dissapearance in church attendence in north america. or at least where i live. i drove past a church when everyone was leaving one day and all the people were old. so that's my thought. what yours?
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    Here in Boston the Catholic church is shutting down 135 churches....falling attendance, not enough priests.

    It's a new dawn...but we're not quite awake yet.....
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    However, it has always been older people that attend more regularly -- so the decline will be slowed by people who get more conservative/religious with age and start attending.
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    Its true that the older people get - the more likelier they are to attend a church.
    So.. the older people replace the old people that pass on lol.

    If you want to see North America's future then just live in the UK for a while (ok just visit then)
    Church attendence is at an all time low of about 5% (give or take depending on area you are in)

    Its typical to see coffee shops, businesses or even wealthy pop-stars living in buildings which used to be Churches.
    Abandoned Churches are everywhere too.

    Some of these buildings were used for centuries but eventually when there are just 4 members left - what do ya do?

    I suspect if there is ever another World War or something dramatic happens (like some Aliens landing) then you would see Church attendance rise again?
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    Maybe when you get older off key group singing and a
    speach seem more entertaining.
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    The Fall comes, all leaves dry up and disappear but the tree does not die. It lives on for another fresh season to see all its green leaves back again. The cycle goes on.

    With love..........Kumar.

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