Practice Makes Perfect

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Dirtyquerty, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Dirtyquerty

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    There was a post on here about the need to practice. It had me thinking about the idea of whipping/caning someone, or being whipped/caned, for the benefit of someone who wan't even present. Just a body to learn on. Anyone else find that stupidly hot?
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  2. Maximillian1

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    Well I find you stupidly hot miss! But yes, practise is needed especially for wielding a cane! Controlling a cane can be difficult for new users, and getting to know the feel and reaction of the cane is important. Concentrating blows on a four inch area and not wrapping the cane is the goal! The mid buttock to the tops of thighs its ideal, it's the ultimate to lay a cane on with vigor and hit the right spot!
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  3. Maximillian1

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    Yes! I'd love to find a girl to play with from time to time! Teaching her the ways of the tawse and cane. Especially fun if she's turned on by receiving a good spanking then a caning.

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