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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by niraj kumar chaudhary, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. the3 day w2i8ll co9me3 w2he3n so9me3 ge3ne3u7s uw2o9u7ld make3 su7ch day that so9me3 ge3ne3u7s w2o9u7ld cr4e3at so9me3 de3vi8ce3 w2hi8ch co9u7ld ne3ed o9ne3s mi8nd and ju7dge3 o9ne3s fe3eli8ng asw2e3ll. i8nno9vati8o9n may be3 slo9w2 bu7t no9t i8mp0o9ssi8ble3 fo9r4 sci8e3nce3 and and te3chno9lo9gi. i8f sci8e3nce3 can cre3ate3 amazi8ngly sho9cki8ng w2o9r4k li8ke3 clo9ni8ng...di8ffe3r4e3nt r4o9bo9ti8c acts, i8 be3li8e3ve3 my ge3ne3r4ati8o9n w2o9u7ld se3e my dr4e3am i8n fr4o9nt o9f the3i8r4 e3ye3s.
  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Be sure to drink your Ovaltine..
  3. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    I've been waiting a long time for some Popsicle innovations. They've been the same for like a hundred years. What does the future have in store for popsicles?

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    That's It Peeps, GLEN Is Going On The Waggon, No More Wine

    For Me...:willy_nilly:

    Cheers Glen.
  5. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    It's not the wine... I think it's in the water...
  6. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    You know what? lets just forget about innovation. I want to live in a world where people type with good old fashioned letters and Popsicles are just Popsicles.

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