Powerboating in the Nude (thanks Alexandra)

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Past_VNE, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Past_VNE

    Past_VNE Member

    Alexandra's post reminded me of a fun day several years ago.

    My husband and I had helped his father completey restore a 31' Jersey cabin cruiser. It was a really great boat and it was kept on the Chesapeake not far from our hometown. Well, when we'd visit home, we'd always take the boat out for a day or two. Unfortunately, in October 2000, his father died. We came home for a little over a month, to stay with his mom and take care of many things. While here, we went out on the Jersey for the weekend. We spent our time nude and my husband, always the lover of women and photography buff, took many many many photos of me while out there.

    Well, we were anchored in a quiet spot on the Bohemia River and I was standing on the bow while he shot me. Some kayakers paddled by and with big, sweet grins on their faces, one says to the other, "See? I told you, you should have brought your camera!"

    That was the last day we were out on the boat before it sold. It was a great memory and a fitting tribute to the boat and his father.

    A (dressed) photo from that outing:
    Too bad I set up the camera and ruined the shot. :(
  2. Great story! That kayaker had it right! :)
  3. hippin life

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    cool stuff. i think i know the river. i usally boat out on the bay or on the nanticoke river. awsome boat by the way
  4. Alexandra

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    *Giggle* Anytime! And what a nice story!

    I like the looks of that boat... I'm not much for motoring, but some powerboats are nice. It's too bad you had to sell it, Past_VNE.

    Love your picture too, you're very lovely and your hubby is a hunk :)
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  6. gymnobuff

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    Hi Shaggie.
    Before the hostilities in Yugoslavia (Istria) I used to take my speedboat (full of camping gear) Wife and Kids in the car usually to 'Ulika' a nudist campsite. every year for our holidays.
    Although occassionaly to other nudist camps along the Istrian coast, there are so many of them.
    We always spent the whole three weeks completely naked, waterskiing every morning and evening.
    Not so much fun though when falling off into a school of jellyfish in the nude, as I did on one occasion.
    One year we went to a small island named Silba, very remote and really back to nature, absolutely fantastic.
    I taught all the other campers (10) there to waterski. Best holiday of our lives
  7. shaggie

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  8. Alexandra

    Alexandra Member

    Past_VNE: Arr, matey, ye stole me thunder! Your powerboat story is gathering more response than my sailboat story! *sniff*


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