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    Picture this: The damp sea was rising, the potato flakes were sobbing, and all around your little toe was a veritable apple pie of dischord. Yet somehow, through it all, Knobbled Humphrey (the twice baked, half iced trollop) managed to keep his smarmy grin and his chipper sense of timing.
    Despite this however, the tempest raged in furious, sheepskin slippered delight as it vented its maroon wrath on an unsuspecting public.
    Alas though, when the man came to the door, he wanted fruit for his llama, and as I only had a pineapple, my fortune remained untold.
    Still,things were looking up on the job front as the Ever Crested Marmite did its victory lap around the perilous edge of the Teaspoon of Lost Hope and Caramel Coloured Ill-Doers.
    But, even that suction cup of glory was not enough to convince the swarthy puffin chested chap,who was feeling a little brash...so he picked up his teakettle, pulled on his bed socks and tiptoed off to the land of Noddy. (where the goliwogs staged a raging overthrow of popular government and banished this brash fellow to the outer limits of Racism (a small town that does most of its trade with the larger cities of Insecurity, Habit and Irrationality, but that refuses to branch out and associate with the foward thinking metropolis Harmony, even though it is just a short drive down the Education Highway). Anyway, once in Racism it is hard to leave, and so the brash man lived there forevermore, in gloroius sin with Enid Blyton, but that's another story)
    And the moral of this sordid and sometimes lilac tale? When the judgement day came ambling along, my pineapple and I were alone.
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    What is this? cried the vertigo red hoodie. A trip to a racist march and then to the play afterwards?

    What a hypocritical little time it was. With the right hands fighting the left kidney, all was awash in chaos and furniture polish.

    The dining room was in disarray with the lamps crying softly to themselves and tumpeting trollops skipped around, dashing their polka dotted screens against the ceiling.

    FREAK OUT freak in and shake it all about do the hokie pokie and turn around... thats what its not about at all, young man. In my day, the young people respected the old.
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    sleepily, the wizend monkey raised its well worn paw. As it marched about fussily, it was watched by a sulpahte clump that clung obstinatley to the chandiler.

    - break it down now - I said chandy, chandy, chandiLEIR chandy...chan chan chachachca liiiier.

    This hullabaloo awakend the far flung crevasse who had been idly studying the rock formations along his tender spine. But, his mauve meanderings could be not more for, alas, it was time to reveal the surprise, and all the little woodland creatures had caught the bus to baskerville in order to be a part of the centenary celebrations.

    and what a day it was, indeed, with enough unlined staionery and ample amounts of linen to ensure that everyone was quite plump and satified.
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    f[osdflpsojkfo joo[fjo ;afj o ppoposafp [ a[sfkpair[pnnnnaso;fj[z[z

    blah blah blah said the big fat melon car wiggily wobbly woogal replied treee eater johnson and his dangly pineapple of fun.

    what is this monstristy asked the rug to the ceiling why are these people talking they don't oven.




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