Poverty Tours!!!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Aristartle, Mar 13, 2008.

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    So what do you guys think of this?


    That's pretty fuckin' disgusting. I don't think people should make money for showing rich jerks what it's like to live in poverty. Anyone's gut reaction is the same?

    It's an interesting counterpoint to the, stay at a resort, never see anything real of the country brand of tourism. But it does reek of exploitation. Their justifications reek of rationalization.

    It's one thing to go backpacking, to actually live and surround yourself with the dirt and slums around you, but to do a tour and go home to your champagne... it's just sick.

    And it's perpetuating the tourist industry. Everything else is oversaturated for tourists, so new niches are found and exploited??

  2. fitzy21

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    i'm in hte middle of this. not really all that sickened by it, nor overly happy by it.
  3. Waking Life

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    I don't see a difference between visiting a slum for a few hours and going back to your champagne and living in a slum for two years and going back to your champagne.

    Ultimately it isn't my taste. There are nice things I want to see. But I'm not going to poo poo it.
  4. I'minmyunderwear

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    first, i agree that you need to actually live it for at least a little while to truly understand it. but i don't necessarily have a problem with slum tourism as a concept, as long as it's done right. the idea of tour buses doesn't really sit right with me, but i would encourage people to occasionally visit poorer neighborhoods just to keep things in perspective and whatnot...

    i don't like the idea of people being a tourist attraction unless they consent to it and are compensated, which it doesn't seem most of these are...

    i do kind of like the one that doesn't charge but forces you to help... if they actually show respect to the people they are helping then that one could actually be good

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    In fact, the life of a private citizen would be preferable to that of a king at the expense of the ruin of so many human beings." Book I, Chapter XX
  6. indian~summer

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    that to me, sounds good
    my gut reaction to this was, as long as they give some money back to the "slums"
    i think it's a good idea to show the rich people what their wealth is earned on
    there is such a divide of rich and poor, and it's honestly on of the main reasons why our earth is so fucked up
    even in our own country, you don't need to travel to india to see it

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