pour some honey on me, let me see you get really mad...

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by WWKCD729, May 17, 2007.

  1. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    gameeeee tiiimmmeeee.....last letter of the word. here what we gotttssttaa do....i say one word, and the last letter you use in the next word...lets see how far we can go..probably like 5 posts with my luck...

  2. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

  3. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

  4. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

  5. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member


  6. 121

    121 Senior Member

  7. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

  8. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    yea..this is...someone...please shoot this thread and me in the head for being fucking stupid...
  9. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member



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