Pot smoking Assassins?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by anazasi, Jun 3, 2004.


Origin of 420?

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  1. anazasi

    anazasi Member

    Warning: Philosophical Content-Explicit Ideas-May offend those easily offended. The legend of the Hassan El Sabbah is not as famous as his garden. Sabbah was an entrepreneur of sorts using the assassin as a tool to gain political influence throughout the Middle East. He would use young men by making them smoke hash then allowing them to enter his garden of earthly delights. The young men were told they had entered paradise and would be expelled if they did not carry out Sabbah’s wishes, which were usually to kill someone of relative importance. This tale is not only a fictional look at Sabbah, but also a mind-altering look into America’s drug culture and the idea of paradise. Told by a stoner, set over a thousand years ago with an Arabian Nights feel to it, the story centers around Emir Abdullah-Harazins (Sabbah) and his infamous garden. It is the story of only one of his Hashishiyyins (Assassins).

  2. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i read about that in my local newspaper. was gonna post about it, but was prolly too lazy. good job boy.
  3. wenis

    wenis Member

    um, call me dumb but i don't really get it. this guy (who i have never heard of) would have men smoke hash and then enter his garden? and he then used them as assassins?
  4. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    yup, pretty much. a group of people would smoke hash and then go kill people. i know i enjoy doing the same.
  5. Enron

    Enron Member

    Ya, thats pretty much the same with me and my friends. Every 4:20 we go out, smoke hash and fuck up the neighbourhood with some M87 rifles.
  6. I know what you guys may be saying: "Pot don't make me kill nobody!". And that's cool, I do agree. But dig this story man. The way the author develops the characters is pure genius. I've only read the free excerpt, so the rest could be less enjoyable, but from what I've read this is yet another wonderful piece of literary art that will make your brain smile. Give it a look: http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?q3=T%2bkoYKBn7as%3d
  7. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    I heard this story too. These assassins were also used against the Crusaders. The leaders basic MO was to show these kids 'paradise' and say 'see this is where you end up when you die; now go out there and kill so-and-so. Dont worry about getting killed or nothing cuz check out heaven boyz.'

    In the end these guys were rubbed out by the mongols when they happened to execute some mongol emmisary sent on a peace mission.

    On an unrelated sidenote: the muslim leader who ordered the execution of the emmisary was called Ibn Al Exlax and thats where the phrase 'smooth move exlax' came from.

    word is bond
  8. Tradere

    Tradere Member

    I have read this book...it kicks ass...it starts off in the desert...with this messenger who is supposed to deliver this message...but he doesn't know what it is...he later finds out that the message is tattoed on the top of his head. This is sure to be a cult classic.
  9. anazasi

    anazasi Member

    "It's not that I'm not a thief...I just haven't found anything worth stealing."

    --John Lennon
  10. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Didn't Jimi Hendrix and some other rockstar die on April 20th?
  11. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    no, Jimi Hendrix died on September 18. thats way off man.
  12. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Bah, I don't know much about oldies man, just a bunch of bands and a bunch of songs.
  13. I_Am_A_Robot

    I_Am_A_Robot Member

    the book sounds interesting i might look for it at a bookshop around my town.
    i love this band called " hassan i sabbah" wonder if they made the name to have relation to the guy in the book , or is this book newer cuz this band was an indie screamo or something band from the early 90's i think. or has the name hassan i sabbah and that legend been told before.
  14. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    I'm pretty sure I would have seen that in the Sun or Free Press ;)

    <---The peg
  15. Tradere

    Tradere Member

    No, not Jimmy Hendrix or Jim Morrison...but it is Hitler's birthday.
  16. Tykn130

    Tykn130 Member

    I just know 420 means Blaze it and thats the time you blaze it. And its hitler brithday too
  17. anazasi

    anazasi Member

  18. chris

    chris Member

    i read about those assasins in one of Robert Anton Wilson's books, probably prometheus rising

    sabbah would slip something into a man's drink that made him fall asleep, as well as hashish and maybe various other drugs

    when he passed out, he then later woke up in a garden with beautiful women and wonderful fruits

    the women were whores who proceeded to do what htey were paid to do

    in what the man in paradise ate, was something to make him pass out again, and he awoke back in normal reality

    sabbah used this to convince people he could send them to heaven and back, and if someone died in his service they would permanently be in his heaven

    thats what i remember reading, memory may be incorrect
  19. granola.kiss

    granola.kiss Member

    Whats the story about the students?

  20. anazasi

    anazasi Member

    The story with the students is sort of a lead in... to the main story about the assassins

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