Pot doesnt help with pain

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Vanilla Gorilla, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. I'minmyunderwear

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    well it depends on the pain. it's great for nausea, which i would consider to be a type of pain. on the other hand, it makes headaches way worse.
  2. Aerianne

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    “In our study of people living with chronic non-cancer pain who were prescribed pharmaceutical opioids, despite reporting perceived benefits from cannabis use, we found no strong evidence that cannabis use reduced participants’ pain or opioid use over time.”

    Not surprised that they didn't want to give up opiods for weed. I'm not sure that means weed doesn't help pain.
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  4. SpacemanSpiff

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    it helps maybe 5% of users

    we all know the other 95% is just hitching a ride on the medical bandwagon so they can use recreationally
  5. Noserider

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    When I was in college I sprained my wrist in cheerleading and one of my stoner friends had me smoke, assuring me it would help with the pain.

    It didn't do a damn thing. Just made me feel a little nuts.
  6. rollingalong

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    it is a major help in tolerating high pain levels so one doesn't resort to pills....that's a fact jack
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    This only studied people who had already been on opiates for a median of 4 years, we're not talking about people who can easily turn away from short term opiate use, we're talking about people with dependency due to long term chronic use. Of course they didnt just magically give up an addiction during the study.
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    And the study didnt really test whether cannabis lowers pain levels in general, it studied whether it lowered pain levels in people with very serious and chronic pain who had already been using opiates as long term treatment
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    Pot does help with minor daily pain that opiates are often used to treat. For those people it's good but there are definitely levels of pain that require what opiates do to the brain. Trouble is they are so addictive and deadly that they should be used MUCH less than they are in American medicine. Some pot heads think it's magic but no it does not fix everything.
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  10. McFuddy

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    Sooo... just to make sure... The study is bullshit? That's the layman's version of what you just said?
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  11. Irminsul

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    I thought medical weed was really low in its potency, I've heard people say even from dispensary in Germany here that people still buy illegal weed because the medical stuff is shite.
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    I must admit weed hasn't helped my extreme back pain, but then I have felt too bad to even make crackers but a few times in the past month.

    The crackers do help with my ankle joint pain. I've definitely noticed a difference with these dang ankles when I haven't had my edibles on the regular, and that's why I've even made any the times I have made them.

    I wish to God I could say that opiates haven't helped my back any but that would be a lie. My bff gave me a whole dang bottle of them (I about fainted)...and I'm taking them as sparingly as I can...but I must say, in all honesty, that these hydrocodone have definitely helped ease my back pain. There were times that the hydrocodone didn't even take the edge off...but not this time. It really makes me sad, in a way...but in another way it gives me a type of hope. I believe if they help the pain, it CAN be relieved. And I'm talking about with time and edibles and the acupuncture.

    I've been taking fewer each day, and praying for the time I wake up and go throughout a day with no, or very little/limited back pain.
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  14. guerillabedlam

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    I think Ketamine would be the figurative porridge that's just right for Significant Pain that is too extreme for Cannabis to relieve and while Ketamine is addictive in it's own right, it certainly doesn't seem to elicit the same physiological addiction that opioids do and for most, it'd probably be the lesser of two evils in terms of it's long term negative side effects.
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  15. Irminsul

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    Is pain a mental thing? If you take a pain killer and it sends a chemical or signal to certain receptors, is that tricking your brain into not feeling it or numbing it altogether? And If so, then is it not entirely possible, that while marijuana has different effects from person to person, a certain number of them are not activating this receptor like the rest of the people or even certain people?

    When I think about my back pain with weed use, I don't believe it ever takes away the pain, but it is a different sensation entirely. I can still feel it, it is like almost buzzing for lack of description. I know that it is in pain, but my receptors have numbed that to a buzzing. Whereas when I have had oxycontin, the pain is gone entirely. No buzz and no pains.

    I'm not sticking up either for or against the argument, but I believe it comes down to the person. Perhaps by luck, most of the test subjects just weren't programmed for marijuana to stimulate that part of their brain.
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  17. eggsprog

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    I'd take my pain pills a lot more often if I didn't have weed. It doesn't make me not feel the pain in the same way as opioids do, but it helps me dissociate from it in a way, so I can focus on other things.
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  18. newo

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    Pot that's high in CBD is good for minor pain but for serious pain it's just not strong enough. I'd say it's about as effective as aspirin.
  19. Asmodean

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    Seems the OP took it a bit too literally and assumed 'not stopping the pain' equals 'not helping with pain'. It evidently helps in a lot of cases.
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