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Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by active gopher, May 25, 2006.

  1. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum but I like what I'm reading. I think you will like this as well. We have launched an internet talk show (www.pot-cast.com) where medicinal & recreational users can cut around the media's portrayal of marijuana use, & show the world the real side of marijuana & marijuana products. In each episode, you will meet compassion centre owners, medicinal/recreational users, new/veteran activists, musicians, actors, & many famous & not so famous faces both in & out of the cannabis culture. Sitting together, people from all walks of life discuss current events, politics, entertainment and anything one can expect to discuss while casually toking bowls, joints, blunts, vaporizers, etc. Pot-Cast.com promotes mature, educated & responsible marijuana use & viewer feedback is vital to the success of our cause.

    We invite you to check out the first episode debuting early June 2006 on www.pot-cast.com. There will then be all-new episodes available to download on a bi-weekly basis. We welcome you to join our forums and give your insight on how we can make each new episode better. We welcome all questions, comments, & suggestions; some of which we will use on new episodes.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Sezzy

    Sezzy Member

    awesome d00d, i'll be sure to check it out when it's up
  3. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    Ya, the first episode will be up in the first week of June, so after you view it, feel free to tell us what you think.
  4. Lather

    Lather Member

    Looking forward to that :D
  5. woodsman

    woodsman Senior Member

    That's a great idea, a show like that could do alot to change public opinion of cannabis use, which will help in the fight for legalization.

    I hope your program will be a success, good luck!
  6. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    Exactly, that's the goal of Pot-Cast.com By giving the international society the open opportunity to view each episode, the viewer will experience auido & video of real people with real stories. You'll never get any media marketed bs you could expect from major news networks who must answer to a higher conglomerate. Pot-Cast.com gives the viewer the chance to interact with guests past and present so that nay questions that may not have been answered, can be at a later date.
    Check back soon as the site will be up momentarily. Episode 1 has already been shot and is in post production wrap up. As soon as we have a finished copy, it'll be out on the web for all to see.
  7. woodsman

    woodsman Senior Member

    I'll spread the word in my community about your program to get the locals interested. Here in Eastern KY marijuana is a big issue and there is a large, although somewhat disorganized legalization movement here. Alot of the guys involved with that would be interested in hearing your message. There are also alot of people who don't know enough about the issue to make an informed decision about legalization. Your program would be a big help for them.

    If there is anything I can do to help with your project or campaign, let me know.
  8. Ferre

    Ferre Member

    I'll drop some links for you. :sunglasse
  9. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    Hey, thanks a lot, we appreciate all the help we can get. As a media outlet to real cannabis users, we rely on the imput of real cannabis users. We will be adding those links shortly and look forward to hearing from the people of KY, USA.

    Happy 420, as I write this, the clock strikes down. I hope you check out the site as we now have the trailer up for ep1: Law & Education. The forum is up as well, so do stop by & drop us a line.


    Enjoy the Show
  10. woodsman

    woodsman Senior Member

    I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks.
  11. active gopher

    active gopher Member


    Thanks for your patience. Episode 1 is now available to stream & download. In this episode, we discuss Law, Education, Youth, Urban Impact, Marijuana & the creative insight, & other topics.
    Guests include Toronto Compassion Centre Baker, Jim, Kindred Cafe Server, Paul, Med User Brian, & Trance DJ Platinum, Nick.

    We invite you all to view the episode as well as get in contact with us & give your opinions on what we can do to make the show better.

    Pot-Cast will do it's best in the fight to legalize, but without the viewers & their imput, we'll be going nowhere fast.

    Enjoy the Show,

  12. JvY

    JvY Member

    thats exactly what we need, more people like you guys telling the truth without the corporate buisness BS. ty so much my friend
  13. this sounds great

    i wish you all the luck in the world.

    i plan to post your link on other message boards to spread the word

    much love, frank
  14. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    Hey thank you all. If we act as a unit instead of as a bunch aof passive users unknowingly smoking side by side, we can acheve what the generations befor us paved the way for: LEGALIZATION. No BS, it can be done. Everyone is uniting thanks to technology, so this is a good time to get active.

    Regarding Pot-Cast, we just taped the festivities at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade & are now earing up for episodes on consumables & federal exemption. Then we'll be travelling to get the opinions of headshops in Montreal & Ontario. After that, it only gets bigger. Hope you stay tuned!

    Free The Weed,

  15. Pmeth

    Pmeth Member

    isnt there somthing called

    POT TV
    founded by Marc Emery!
    who by the way is my hero :):):):):
    also the owner of cannabis culture.

    We have to stand together and protect Marc Emery from the stupid US.
  16. active gopher

    active gopher Member

    that's a good question & I would be happy to answer it. Pot TV focuses primarily on marijuana & it's products, then pot in the news. Pot-Cast focuses on marijuana users (med/rec) then the cannabis products & culture. We do not focus on the grand scale as much as we focus on the actual users. I hope that explains our difference. Oh, & Pot-TV make$ WAAAAYYY more then we do, but that's ok, the lawyers need to get paid to.

    Emery has gone above & beyond & it is a shame what he is being threatened with. It will be a bigger shame, on this nation & others if we stand by as useless citizens & allow him to be carried out to die in jail.

    Marc Emery is part of a spectrum bigger then him, pot, Canada, North America, etc. Emery is in a fight over freedom of life. People are quick to brush off his story now because they don't want to analyze his situation: If he goes to jail in the US for sales of a legal Canadian product, what does this say over ANY INDIVIDUALS rights & freedoms? See, you can take Marc Emery out of pot & put his financial mind into anything else; softwood lumber, computer chips, fish, etc. Take his financial story out of the pot element & a large shade of grey becomes very difficult to ignore. This grey rests over politicians & judges rights to make/change laws & who is affected by these changes. Pick up a CC or a HT magazine & you can read all about the people suffering from the ripple effects of the war on drugs.

    My friends, I invite you to take a hard look at all of the angles behind Emery's extradition, take him out of pot & really look at what is happening here. Knowledge is power. For the good of all people, Protect Marc Emery!

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