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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by cerridwen, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I know that this has been posted in a couple forums, and it's listed in the rules for Hipforums, but I think this issue needs to be readressed ~ I'll have this up as a sticky for a while for all to read, so we're all clear and on the same page for this issue. :gossip: This post is not meant to pick on anyone, it's just a matter of making this particular rule clear for everyone, and also I've had a few people write me and ask about it.

    Links in your signature are ~NOT~ allowed.

    If it's a banner or picture that clicks to your site, w/o mention of the actual website written on it, IT STILL COUNTS AS A LINK IN YOUR SIGNATURE, THEREFORE NOT ALLOWED.

    If all you write is (for example) myoutsidelink {dot} com or www {dot} myoutsidelink {dot} com and it's just writing, nothing to click that links you outside of hipforums, IT STILL COUNTS AS A LINK IN YOUR SIGNATURE, THEREFORE NOT ALLOWED.

    If, though, you've your own site, an ebay or etsy store, etc and you've posted something there that's for sale, than posting a thread with a link to your item in this forum or in the For Sale Or Trade forum, that IS allowed. In your personal information, if you want to include your site there, that too is allowed.

    Rules are rules, folks. I'm absolutely for promoting people's crafts and businesses, and Skip created these forums to help us in that way too. If we all play by the rules a bit, it saves time for us mod's and whatnot to chase after you and have you guys change your signatures. If you've any questions, please ask.
  2. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    As an added note, I've been attacted a bit concering warning people about this links-in-your-sig rule.

    I've pm'ed Skip a few times, trying to get as much clarification on this rule, and he himself wrote me that UNDER NO CONDITION should there be a link in your signature. Irrigardless of how it's displayed there, it's just NOT to be done. The above post has been based on the response I got from Skip.

    If you've a problem with that rule, or the fact that I'm enforcing it, please don't give me a hard time about it, you can always send him a pm expressing your concerns.

    I know that many people have had links in their sigs for a while, and for months or more have gotten away with having links in their sigs. Still not allowed, despite if you've a good relationship with super-mods who don't point it out or not.

    I'm sorry if that inconveniences anyone, but I'm just enforcing the rule, I didn't create it. Please stop shooting the messenger.


    As an added note: I've written this in a thread when I became mod, that if I do anything that you don't think I'm supposed to do as a mod, please let me know at the time that I do it so it can be dealt with right away. Yes, threads will be closed if I think at the time they need to be. Yes, I'll likely respond to many threads because I'm constantly reading them. I'm not doing it to 'dominate' the forums or to be rude in closing someone's thread. There are times, I will admit, that I may make the wrong judgement, so if I do, and you feel that I am, please let me know (pm me) and we can fix whatever it is that needs fixing.
  3. Samhain

    Samhain Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I am just going to lend my support here to Cerridwen, the posters of the hip forums get a lot of benefits all that we ask in return is that you follow the few rules we have here, please check the link below

    If she PM's you about an outside link please just remove it, infact if you are reading this and you have an outside link please remove it straight away.
    Cerridwen has not made this rule she is simply enforcing it, please do not give her a hard time about this, if you do you may be breaking a hipforums guideline about not respecting mods
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