Possible GF is exagerrating preg symptoms?

Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by fateicon, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. fateicon

    fateicon Member

    My gf, who in my opinion has bigtime issues with anxiety, mood swings, and irrationality, is thinking she's pregnant. We did a few in and outs without a condom during her last period, at the beginning of the month. I checked for pre-cum each time. Might have been 2 or 3 times. No pre-cum even when looking inside the uretha. Actually, we had sex with no condoms longer and with some pre-cum visible before without her getting pregnant. Then there was this episode with the Trojan ultra-thins. Since I could actually feel something with that type, I came in her missionary. After some difficulty pulling it out(her BMI is probably like 41), I was able to get it out without incident as far as I know. Condom intact and still on the base, cum in the tip.

    Then she gets a small amount of what looks like cum on her fingers by touching around the inner opening. When I said difficulty above, I meant that I had to wait like 15-20 seconds so she could move her body so that I could remove it safely. I really can't comprehend the idea that it could've spilled. And I did read that cum and vag mucous are often difficult to tell apart. This wasn't even a week ago. Like 4 days.

    So now she's claiming nausea, more urination, bloating, and mood swings. However, she also started cutting down her food intake bigtime because I acknowledged that her weight made withdrawing more difficult(no insults), and then binge drank. She doesn't really get full sleep either. Usually 5 hours a night.

    I'm thinking it's very possible that she's seemingly finding symptoms because she's looking for them(or that the nausea and all is being caused by something else). And also because she's really stressing. She won't consider contraception because she thinks her bad circulation would make BC of any form kill her or something. She orginally told me if she got pregnant she'd go to Planned Parenthood and make a decision, but now she's copping this "I'd kill myself if I considered abortion". I don't press her on that, I just said she never disclosed her change in opinion to me.

    Her BMI and pregancy does worry me a bit. I've read that it's really not healthy for her or a baby. I also don't know that she has the discipline or stability to stop drinking and smoking as well. We are so dysfunctional that she asks to break up every week, is too anxious/paranoid to drive, creates strawmen often, and throws fits for no reason. I'm not happy with her and the only reason I stick with it outside of concern for her mental state if I leave is because I believe in doing what I can to make it functional, within a reasonable time frame. This is not someone I want to have a child with at this stage. She often acts like a child wanting me to take care of her and is too anxious or whatever to meet my family. She is off her meds too, she refuses to do anything about her psych problems.

    Her lifestyle is largely crazy as well. Constant binge drinking, spending like no tomorrow with several grand in debt, just a constant cycle of working, partying, sleeping a little, and partying some more.

    And if it's a male baby then I'd have to get in a big fight with her about circumcision too.

    If it's not probable that cum could seep out of the condom, we should be ok then. I just don't see how it could(although these ultra-thins do seem to have a less sturdy ring). I didn't notice any leaking out the bottom upon pulling out, it looked like a full load at the tip, and nothing fell out when we held the condom shut and moved it around good. I'd think she'd be ovulating perhaps if it had been a couple weeks since her period.

    I find it hard to believe that pregnancy symptoms could surface so obviously within 24 hours(which is when she started claiming them). I suppose it's also possible that she's making the whole thing up in an effort to see if I'd just take off if she got pregnant.

    Any info or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    not to b erude, but it doesnt sound like youre too big a fan of your gf. i dunno, just... your attitude when speaking of her in this threaddoesnt seem terribly respectful, but thats jus tmy take on it and as an aside

    if shes woried abotu being pregnant, the best bet is to take a pregnancy test. it sounds like a lot of her symptoms could have a myrida of other cuases. but the best way to kno wwhether or not youre pregnant is, shockingly enough, a pregnancy test. some women do react very strongly to being pregnant like you described, others have very few symptoms as it were.
  3. shaina

    shaina No War Know Peace

    go to the planned parenthood and get a blood test it will tell you if she is pregnant as soon as a few days after it happens
  4. I suggest taking a pregnancy test and if she is ovulating she is going to cum more so that could be really what she felt. From my experience, she should be fine and she is just finding reasons to think she is pregnant, but I would check with a pregnancy test before you really think she's not.

    good luck man
  5. Rue Takedo

    Rue Takedo Member

    1. Find out if she's pregnant.
    2. Try to get her into some form of counseling. She sounds like she has a variety of issues that neither of you are having much luck handling.
    3. If she needs to break up with you every week...try staying broken up.
  6. fateicon

    fateicon Member

    thanks for the responses. I didn't know there was any way to test before a missed period.
  7. Mlynn

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    Honestly, Perhaps you should stop sleeping with her if she is not someone who you wish to raise your child with. I am all for freedom of sexual expression, and I DO believe that concent to sex does not equal concent to pregnancy(which men don't endure anyhow), and I even support sex between concenting individuals outside of marriage.....but you seem to have a strong resentment for this person and it seems that you know with 100 percent clarity that she isin't a suitable partner.

    Accidents happen...do you really want to risk your child bring brought into this world by accident and raised by a dysfunctional mother in a toxic environment because you didn't want to hurt a girl's feelings?

    You are NOT responsible for your GF's emotional well being. We are all only responsible for our own (and our children's) emotional well being. She has had these problems long before you came into her life - and she will have these problems long after you leave it - and the dysfunction will more then likley be passed onto her children(dysfunction breeds dysfunction) you just need to decide if that is a future that you want for YOUR child....and a pregnancy scare should be enough to make you think long and hard about the concequences for yourself and a child should you continue sleeping with someone who you don't think it a suitable partner or mother.

    Honestly your GF seems like she is using emotional manipulation to controol your - which IMO is a form of emotional abuse that should not be tolerated.

    Edited to add.....I know you feel like you are responsible for "helping" her and you might even feel responsible for "fixing" her but you simply can't You need to think about YOUR OWN best intrest and YOUR OWN well being in this situation. Does being in a toxic relationship benifit you mentally, emotionally, physically, psycologically, or spiritually? If the answer is no.....then moving on might be in your best intrest.
  8. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Wow! that woman is a mess. Get the pregnancy test, and then run away fast when it turn up negative.

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