Positive Thinking Killed the Cat

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    How your brain decides between knowledge and ignorance

    This article is just mind blowing for anyone who knows modern psychology and philosophy, and redefines how both will grow and develop in the future in fundamental ways. Essentially, they discovered that the brain gives the identical reward for thinking about something that might pay off, as it does for eating or whatever, and ignores thoughts that don't appear to pay off or even suggest bad news. What this expresses is the basic principle of fuzzy logic that, "Win or lose, Yogi Berra really knew how to play the game, for what profit it a man if he should gain the world, but lose his soul?"

    The individual cells of your body don't necessarily make distinctions between getting burned by a hot stove and getting burned by you making a stupid decision. They just compare the patterns, and assume whatever works for them individually, must work for everyone else. So they assume that any negative thoughts we have that don't appear to hold any promise of benefitting us, are worth ignoring, and anything that might pay off is worth rewarding and encouraging. I really need to digest it for a while, but it means I can link the slapstick of pie-in-the-face researchers to instant karma causing reality to become indistinguishable from fiction.

    Anyway, your neurons assume that mother nature is largely self-correcting, and that your conscious mind frequently doesn't have the slightest clue as to what its talking about. Your unconscious mind can be considered the proverbial cat that curiosity killed, while your conscious mind is your mother preventing you from running out in the street. Your unconscious mind uses emotional rewards, because it is nonverbal to a great extent, and that's how our cells talk to each other. They are putting effort into whatever they believe they might benefit from, and being able to document how they do this in detail will change the world.

    When I get through, the behaviorists will have to contemplate their own navels in order to establish their theories, because time itself is context dependent, explaining why 90% of this game is half mental.
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    What if you don't know modern psychology or philosophy? What will it do?
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    It means psychology has begun to finally figured out how the unconscious mind works on a cellular level, and a hundred years of psychological bullshit is about to be re-evaluated and thrown in the garbage. It means a brain scan can now determine exactly how your subconscious mind is influencing your conscious mind.

    Philosophically, it supports the idea of the collective unconscious, with the lowest possible energy state of the complete system being what physicists would be particularly interested in. When we no longer make distinctions between who we are and what we are doing, we are in harmony with our own cells and we can now even document the effect with empirical evidence. Roger Penrose's theory has received two confirmations, and this work is how to connect the dots and follow the human mind and psyche down the rabbit hole, taking pictures the whole way.

    I've been waiting for something like this, but didn't expect it so soon. It reflects the recursion, or singularity, the symmetry of the many and the one. A "Singular-Infinity" with an electron particle being indivisible, but its wave-like aspect is infinitely divisible. Symmetry and nonlinear temporal dynamics that can only be expressed as fractal geometry and continuum mechanics, requiring a modification of Mach's Conjecture as expressing the Two Faces of Janus.

    This kind of insight is just the tip of iceberg of what is to come in the near future. The theory of everything is extremely hard to believe, because that's the whole point, is God is playing peek-a-boo. Its no fun if everyone guesses the punch lines or, some would say, a girl has to have her secrets, and so do men who are half female.
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