Portland Hempstalk 2013

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by newo, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I went to Portland Hempstalk on Saturday September 7, glad I got there at opening time because the parking situation was totally fucked.

    My buddy and I looked around for awhile to score some weed. We heard that the booths set up by medical marijuana clinics weren’t carding people, so I went up to one and asked if I could get 2 brownies, and they sold them to me for $3 apiece with no questions asked.

    Next I looked for a great deal on a pipe, and I bought this 8-inch hammer bubbler for just $20!


    All that was missing was something to smoke in it, and we went to the top of this little rise we called hippie hill because of all the heads sitting up on it passing bowls around. One guy said he had weed for sale, I asked him for a dime and he pulled out a mason jar filled with buds and put about a dime and a half into a baggie. You can get great deals at Hempstalk!

    After breaking in the new pipe we got pretty thirsty. I had brought a couple beers with me in my backpack and we headed off into the woods to drink them. We were at a hempfest and worried about getting busted for an open beer!

    We hung around awhile listening to some good stoner bands, though it was hard to sit in front of the stage because there was no shade and it was pretty hot and muggy. We also walked around checking out the different booths, this one in particular stood out…


    We finally left in late afternoon and for every one of us leaving there were about 10 people arriving, I estimate the crowd must have peaked at over 5,000. I don’t know how I managed to drive home because we were both completely wrecked.

    Anyway it was a great end-of-summer blowout. It was also held the next day, which seems to me is poor scheduling because it’s NFL opening day, but there are plenty of stoners who aren’t into football. So if you live in the Northwest or are visiting you should definitely check out Hempstalk next time.
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    Nice post!
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    Thats so cool!!

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