popcorn, slo-mo

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by cynthy160, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. cynthy160

    cynthy160 Senior Member

    For all you aspergians out there.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCSr18vtjeo"]Popcorn Popping in Super Slow Motion - YouTube
  2. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

  3. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Have wondered before about how this would look :p So thanks for sharing!
  4. i_was_in_shroom_land

    i_was_in_shroom_land Shroomier than you!

    i keep reading this wrong..
  5. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    porncop, in slo mo?
  6. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    the magic starts at 0:53

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCw5JXD18y4"]How a Slinky falls in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube
  7. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    My 2 year old calls it cop porn. It's awkward when she asks for it in the grocery store. :/
  8. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    lets be honest the reason we watch is to see it actually pop so when they show so much footage of it flying in the air all that im thinking is show the next one popping. but watching that very last one spin off the screen at the end...well that one was cool so glad they left that one in.
  9. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    i am told when i first started talking that i called firetrucks tire fucks.
  10. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    That was interesting to see.

    Who the hang only pops a few kernels at a time? :)
  11. usedtobehoney

    usedtobehoney Senior Member

    I was taught that you put a few in to let them pop first while the oil heats up and when they pop then you start putting the rest in. Popping corn is one of my kid's favorite things to do...we do it in a huge stainless steel pan.
  12. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    if you filled the pan up you wouldnt be able to see the individual kernal pop, there would be to much to look at.

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