pop bottle candle holders

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by cerridwen, Jan 1, 2005.

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    What you will need:

    20 oz soda bottle(I used diet pepsi)
    Exacto knife
    Model car/airplane paint
    Thin ribbon
    Silk or dryed flowers


    Take off the middle paper of a 20 oz diet pepsi bottle. Now you will see a line towards the bottom of the bottle with swishes like icicles hanging down. Cut with your exacto knife to get you started, then use your sissors to make a nice straight edge around. This is now your candle cup. Paint with the model paint in gold and then when dry, paint with white the icicles hanging down. Insert a glass candle votive and a tea candle and enjoy !

    For the top, find the line with swishes going up. Cut around that line with the exacto knife and finish off with your sissors. I didn't add a bottom, the tall candles just stayed right at the neck and stood up straight because of the round bottom. Paint with the gold paint, let dry. Tie a little ribbon at the neck, with a bow and add some dry or silk flowers. Viola - two candle holders recycled from the trash and made into treasure!
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    Chianti bottles work great also...just make sure not to catch the straw on fire
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    this sunds cute, but i'd worry about the safety of actually burning a candle in either of these. the glass votive holders get very hot and could melt the plastic, and if the taper in the top portion burned all the way down, it could start a fire.

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