Politics: Are the right becoming irrelevant?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jul 6, 2020.

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    I bet he voted for Trump because his style of thinking is more open now among the right wing. No one speaks up and distances itself from this thinking. It's all "free speech". That's why people are getting tired of it it seems. Even conservative people don't support Trump. They don't all watch Fox news.

    Bigot Who Draped Giant Nazi Flag On His Vehicle Complains To Cops After Being Attacked By Vigilantes

    An Alpine, California man unnerved local residents for months by displaying a large Nazi flag (a huge swastika) on the back window of his SUV.

    The area, near San Diego, has a mostly White population. But that didn’t mean local residents were fans of the Nazi flag being on constant display around their homes and children.

    NBC7 San Diego
    reported the fascist flag bearer, 36-year old Jesus Seineke, filed a complaint with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department after two people allegedly tried to rip the flag off of the vehicle. They then fought him in a store parking lot.

    A sheriff’s spokesperson told NBC7 that two days prior to that complaint, the department received multiple complaints about a man standing on the hood of an SUV waving a Nazi flag along one of Alpine’s main roads.

    According to multiple Alpine residents who spoke to the news outlet, Seineke and his flag were wearing down the community’s patience.

    Resident Nycki Koch couldn’t believe it:

    “Sometimes when I see it. I think, ‘Oh my God, what is happening here?'”

    And Jerry Bulinski, a resident of a nearby neighborhood, said the following:

    “It just represents the wrong ideals. It’s just a horrible part of history and it shouldn’t be celebrated.”

    Seineke told NBC 7 why he decided to wave the Nazi symbol in Alpine:

    “I am in total opposition of Black Lives Matter or supporting anything to do with gays.”

    According to the Times of San Diego, Seineke has a long history expressing hate speech online.

    When Azerbaijani news website AZ show featured news footage of anti-racism protests in San Diego, Seineke denounced the demonstrations.
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    I did not know specifically, how flush California's budget was in 2019. It seems though things were generally OK everywhere, prior to this plague.

    Prop 13 and Guv.,Ahnald, seem to be awhile ago; it would seem to an outside observer that California,s strong Democratic majority would be able to raise the funding it requires.

    Wondering if the new cap on deductability for state property taxes is also at work here, A previously unlimited deduction on federal taxes is now capped at $10. Thousand Dollars. Now, a big property tax bill is real.

    Please consider that California may just be taxed out and any more taxation will result in shrinkage of its economy and loss of population.

    The Commonwealth of Purto Rico could blame its troubles on a hurricaine and a compliant media could just go along with the fable; but readers of real news will know about structural issues in the budget of The Island.

    California's fiscal issues are a big story that goes beyond this plague & this president
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    I think that some of the more callous or antiquated philosophies coming from the right, that are no doubt perpetuated in an effort to draw nostalgia from tradition; which in and of itself is not malicious in any way, are being exposed for being parallels to schools of thought that do not consider equality a priority.
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    I just read an interview with Tim Allen where he called himself a "smart conservative" then went on about how upset that makes Hollywood. Not really because you make them money you are the product Tim. You are not a rebel.

    So I looked up an old stand up special of his. Do you know what his "smart" jokes were? Things like women who don't shave scare men when nothing else will because they are men and why women hate men but also love them because deep down they crave their alpha energy so really women are idiots who offer nothing but sex and food. You see men are smart because they understand food and sex are good they don't try to stop feminine things only silly women stop the masculine.

    Lol I guess intelligence is relative but compared to a George Carlin or Dave Chapple special he didn't say anything. You could not do his jokes today not because of PC culture but because it just was not funny.

    I was also reminded of how 30 years ago he was a dinosaur on TV who was always been put in place by his wife and job. Today he does the same thing on his current show and that's why the right loves him. I think he says a lot about their thinking. Their battles were over in 1992 but they don't accept that.
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    Your post is buried 32300 sites into the Internet leaning left..
    Dropping some 235 sites in the last few months.
    Once upon a Time Hip forum analytical was in the 10,000.

    If you keep leaning in one direction you're just going to fall over.
  6. unfocusedanakin

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    The car link that got me down the rabbit hole.

    Tim Allen, Who is Awful in Every Way, Got a Ford GT

    You might have last seen Tim Allen in ABC’s Last Man Standing, which was a thing that apparently existed for several years and was “enjoyed” by a fairly substantial viewership before it was, mercifully and justly, canceled. If you are a person in possession of a quality known as “taste,” you probably last saw Allen in 1999 around the time Home Improvement wrapped its final season and were only later reminded he was still around when you heard him voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3.

    Lord knows the world would not so much as blink had Allen’s career also died after Home Improvement and Galaxy Quest—if anything, there’s an argument to be made that the complete elimination of cinematic turds like Joe Somebody, Christmas with the Kranks, The Shaggy Dog, and Wild Hogs might have benefited mankind in some greater way by creating a butterfly effect chain reaction. Maybe we would have cured cancer. Maybe the current President of the United States wouldn’t be an unfathomable idiot who has to take notes to remind himself to be sympathetic to children who survived a school shooting. Maybe you’d be able to get an In-N-Out Burger east of Texas.

    But, alas, Tim Allen is still working to this day, much to our collective detriment. Most recently, he signed on to feature in a docudrama entitled No Safe Spaces, which is about “how so many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas have ruined college for young people and now threaten to ruin the country by creating a nation of precious snowflakes who melt when they encounter an idea that they disagree with.” Boy, that sounds like the hottest garbage imaginable! Allen’s contribution will no doubt include grunting in two or three distinct ways and making some reference to genitalia (e.g., telling millennials to “grow a pair” or something equally stupid and gross).

    Because he’s so very desperate to remain relevant with a generation that he no doubt regards as being full of “snowflakes,” Allen has also started his own fledgling YouTube channel. Two months in, it’s little more than 21 bite-sized clips ranging from a Home Improvement reunion to bits from old stand-up specials from a time where people might have actually wanted to book Tim Allen. Fortunately, Allen’s comedy is the sort where you know exactly what you get based on the thumbnail. For exam
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    Once you start attacking kid's show hosts for showing basic kindness and manners I do think you are on the way out.

    Did 'Fox and Friends' Call Fred Rogers an 'Evil, Evil Man'?

    Mr. Rogers had, they claimed, destroyed an entire generation with his liberal notions of entitlement. As the originator of the snowflake concept, he was an “evil, evil man.” The show’s moderators cited unnamed “experts” and a professor at Louisiana State University.

    These authorities claimed that Rodgers instilled a belief in young minds that they were special for “just for being who you are” and hard work was not required.

    The viewers of the children’s TV show all became a generation of selfish and entitled brats. Fred Rogers was, Fox and Friends alleged, an “evil genius” and “the root of all our problems.”

    As per the methodology of the show, the accusation was said with just enough light-hearted banter to hide the maliciousness of the attack.
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    Any major political party in a democracy is a collection of several political parties. Over time ideals and agendas change. The 1970s nationalization agenda of Labour in the UK was something even Labour in the end came to realise was not a good idea.
    That train-wreck called British Leyland was a case of satire being outstripped by reality. It should never have been formed in the first place. For those who don't know Leyland Motor Corporation was a profitable, innovative, export driven company. BMH was at the point of bankruptcy. It was Tony Benn who was instrumental in merging the two companies. This prevented the shake up BMH needed. Other car companies have been in trouble such as BMW was in receivership in 1959. VW was in 1973 loosing market share but bounced back with the Golf. BL would have had to been Tony Benn's biggest under achievement.
    Of all the nationalized industries in the 1970s BP,British Steel and British Rail were the star performers. British Airways lost money as a government company.Once privatized, it became profitable.

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