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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by YankNBurn, May 29, 2006.

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    After going thru the whole "poor people having kids" thread (well was worded different) I have this to ponder.

    It seems that yes if money was there and a caring parent a child would indeed have a greater chance in life. If the parent with the money used thier money to assist in better schools, things like sports, books educational items, best food items and medical care. If the same parent made sure little Jonny or Jane had chores to work for the extras like dvd player and such, the child would likely have a better foot hold.

    I also see that if given everything the norm is to become reliant upon this and likely be in a real pickle if for some reason the pattern got interupted like parents went broke.

    The rich are not the only ones though that are dependant, I see alot of poor that if not for the support they recieve and sadly some just expect like its owed to them they too would fall.

    In all no matter what income bracket you come from, if you lay around crying about it and do nothing to change you really are a looser. If your poor, pull yourself out, work harder, if not for yourself but for the future of your children. If your rich, stop taking the money from the parents all the time, get a real job and bust your ass. Do it not becuase you need the money but becuase you need to build your character.

    Its so sad to see anyone think another owes them anything, you are the only one that owes it to yourself to scratch, claw, and work your way to the place in life you want. If you dont make it, it does not make you a failure if you tried. Likely you moved forward and your kids will have a higher step from which they can now do the same and likely with a tad less effort.

    The people of our country at least used to work for the future of others, but that attitude has changed to wanting to work just to enjoy what is now. Corporations no longer look to build up as much as they do the immediate profit, same goes for people. Its a "I want it now" generation out here in this world, not just the young people but older alike. Credit makes that happen but enslaves you.
  2. The whole 'I want now' thing could be avoided if the rich parents just wouldn't spoon feed their kids money, that arguement could be made.

    A child becomes successful in life because their parents have taken the time to help them build those skills - irrigardless if the family is rich or poor. If you learn to WORK for a living, then that's what you do.

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