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    led zppelilin fan read this and die!!!

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    me and my freind wrote this 1

    the road to freedom is as wide as it is long.
    and its hard when the whole makes you think that you are wrong.
    but you have to stand up and fight.
    to stand up and fight. fight for what is right.
    the world is is filled with clowns.
    women in gowns. who tease, and please, and silently sneeze.
    they dont know me. they dont know me.
    you ccant tell who i am by the way i stand,or my volkswagon man.
    all of those things are part of the whole.
    you shouldnt care about how much pot is in my bowl.
    back to the road the road that is right.
    the road that is right is made up of light.
    but your unused ears hold your sunglasses to your face
    to hide your eyes, a seasond disguise.
    as you wait for the real surprise.
    as it lyes in your eyes, the lies that curve the road. the road was once right is now out of site. the light that lit the road has gone out.
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    I love writing in math class.

    We should do that more often.

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