Poem I won first prize for, and even getting it in a poem book.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Rockstock2004, May 9, 2004.

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    Bye mom I said, leaving out the door.

    Going out for fun, and ever so much more.

    Remember Kevin, dont ever drink and drive.

    you dont want to be dead,

    but very much alive.

    At the party everyone was having fun.

    Even the cowboys, shooting off their guns.

    Have a drink Kevin, someone said.

    thanks I hope not to end up dead.

    Can you drive us home, we all are very drunk.

    You can have a ride home,

    just dont blow your chunks.

    On the way to the city, everyone was singing.

    So loud in fact,

    that my ears started ringing.

    Calm down everyone, we are almost home.

    Then you can rest, and let a new day roam.

    all at once the car flipped on it's side.

    Tossing everyone clear to the outside.

    Sirens lit-up the area,

    like a bright sunny day.

    Are you ok son, help is on the way.

    At the Hospital, I lay on the bed.

    While my friends didn't make it,

    they are now dead.

    Doctor can you please call my mother.

    She has to know what happen to me,

    and the others.

    We tried calling her, but still no sign.

    Maybe she is looking for me,

    I wasn't home on time.

    Why did the car flip ever so fast.

    you hit head on, and your safe at last.

    you are suffering from internal bleeding, but you must know.

    God is with you,

    and he will never think of you as low.

    Who were the other people I hit out there,

    to cause their car to flip in the air.

    The doctor took my hand and started crying.

    It was your mother, and now she is dying.

    will she make it through all of this.

    you costed her life,

    that she will surely miss.

    My mother is dead now, in the same room as I.

    It is my turn now, I am ready to die.

    Take me God, my mother is gone.

    Dont worry said the doctor,

    it wont be very long.

    With a tear to my eye,

    I looked towards the sky.

    Just take me God,

    I am now ready to die.

    Just remember everyone,

    never drink and drive.

    Or else more people,

    would still be alive.

    By Kevin Martin

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    What book is it going in? I have one poem that was published as well. I had posted it on the old forum. Keep at it yours was great. Sad but great. I have had friends die in car crashes so I know the feelings.

    Love & Laughter
  3. TenCentArcade

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    I got that poem in a lame e-mail forward three years ago.
  4. inbloom

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    don't tell me it was on poetry.com...

    if it was, don't do it! i swear, if you submitted "i want to take a shit on your face." they'd publish it, as long as you paid the $50 for the fucking book. i mean, $50 for ONE page with my poem on it? no thanks. i heard they don't even use proper spacing. it's like, 6000 people's poems all crammed together into a book.

    they tried that on me a couple of years ago. i submitted two poems and was instantly "a 1st prize winner" blah blah blah "you get to be in our NEW POETS book" blah blah blah "50 fuckin dollars."

    i threw that shit out.

    buuut, if it was something legit that you got published in, good on you!
  5. Lady_Pink_Floyd

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    yeah, i'm feeling the same....i entered one just a month ago, and won $500 first prize and I'm in the book...I paid $85 for it being in there, and now I'm thinking maybe it was a scam... :(

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