poem for my goddaughter

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    this is draft one. . .I'll add more in this thread when i come up with them.

    Eyes so big and blue stare at me as I tuck them into bed.
    I lay next to them and listen to the breath slow as they slowly drift to sleep.
    I want to give the world to you.
    I want to make the world safe for you.
    I just want you to be happy.

    So young and naïve.
    So pure and strong.
    You have taught me so much in these past 5 years.
    You are the strongest person I know.
    You are the sweetest person I know.
    You are the smartest person I know.

    I wish I could give you the world.
    I wish I could give you everything you desire.
    I wish I could just be there for you.
    You are my pride and my joy.
    You are what I take each new breath for.
    You are the highlight of my life.
    You are my little girl.

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