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  1. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    ladies i need your help! does anyone have any good herbal remedies (teas, etc) for some wicked bad p.m.s.?? i mean seriously bad physical and mental suffering. thank you!!!!!!!
  2. cutelildeadbear

    cutelildeadbear Hip Forums Gym Rat

    I like exercise for my cramps. I don't have bad cramps but extremely bad mood swings. There are suppliments you can take, or even go on birth control if you are not already on it to help with the cramps. For the mood and emotional side, well I know when it is coming on and I try so hard to be aware and not to flip out on people. I don't really know of anything else, but I do wish you luck. If you really want a script, you could see your doctor, I know there is something out there for women who have bad PMS I can't recall the name though.
  3. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    hi thanks! yeah the flipping out on people part, egads!

    i don't go to dr.s and i'm going to certainly check out some herbal remedies.
  4. delphinium

    delphinium Member

    I started having horrible pms 2 years ago after i had a tubal, i mean mega bitch, hot flashes, migraines, cramps, pain in my legs, and the worst was actually how i felt mentally: insecure, and just down. It would start about 3 days bfore and also during menstruation. I started taking evening primorose oil and by the second period after i noticed a huge difference. Its very inexpensive and i take it 2 times a day, no side effects, all natural. Also, another remedy my momma handed down to me is one teaspoon of bakingsoda in a glass of warm water does wonders for cramps,if you can get past the taste.Hope this helps, good luck
  5. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    awesome...yeah my physical pain is pretty excruciating most times but it doesn't even compare to the mental wackiness!!! ho-lee-cow.

    thanks for the advice: i haven't tried evening primrose but i will! ignorant question: what's the best way to take it?

    my dad takes baking soda & warm water for indigestion...makes sense for cramps too! wow dad's a PMS expert!
    thanks, cheers
  6. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    well i've found evening primrose oil and i'm excited to try it!

    thanks ladies for all the good advice!
  7. eat high fiber carbs the week before your period (it can help remove excess estrogen), get more B vitamins which are in chicken, turkey, and some kinds of fish or if you're vegetarian like me, bananas and supplements, cut back on salt because they help you retain fluids, drink less coffee and more water (relieves bloating and can help pain), and like it was mentioned before exercise more (it really does help) i have a lot of problems with my period and these help me
  8. squawkers7

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    Grow a peppermint plant and make your own tea because peppermint is good for PMS. Eat more ginger and yams. If you get depressed during this time then try St. John's wort. Also yoga may help.
  9. thanks ladies! i am definately going to try the evening primrose and some of the other suggestions. i feel like im in a gargantuan hell hole whenever my time comes around. ive been to the ER for it a few times. My entire body [including my finger tips] hurts soooo bad! Theyve done so many tests on me and nothing has ever come up! Doctors recommended birth control so many times which i would try and even the low dose ones would make me sick sick sick! So thanks for the natural suggestions! :)
  10. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    i was prescribed the pill when i was 20 to hopefully regulate my irregular period; not only did it NOT regulate my period, it made me even nuttier than i already was during PMS. it was like having PMS all the time. ugh.

    i've been drinking dong quai tea and taking evening primrose. we'll see how i feel next period!
  11. drumminmama

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    we called that DMS for Dyslexic menstrual Syndrome in my house. I had 2 periods/ month on those buggers.

    I have lots of breast pain... but I unhooked from caffeine right after my last cycle and it hasn't appeared yet, and it would have by now, so I think that is helping.

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