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  1. I gave it a shot last week with some methiopropamine in a cap, not only did it burn and hurt fuck, but after 10-15 mins of laying on my belly i sit in my chair and soon enough my underwear is wet... thankfully the liquid was not brown.
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    Are you completely off your rocker, if that was not so stupid I would be LMAO. That is a drug for anti parasitic properties. It could also prove to be a broad spectrum anti parasitic. It may take care of parasites in all stages of their development, from eggs to cysts to full grown parasites. This could prove very beneficial in the third world countries where these ailments are rampant. You stupid dickhead.
  3. who you referring to?
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    Putting a gel up your arse isn't the best method...

    Try dilute it in some water and use a syringe. ;)
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    OK, this might sound dumb, but... a friend of mine was telling me about "plugging", putting pills up your ass because apparently some drugs are absorbed more quickly/efficiently through the rectal lining. OK, I've heard of people doing cocaine anally or vaginally, it doesn't sound like fun to me but it's plausible enough. Then, I was laughing and told my kid about it, and she told me that she's heard of people going to "butt pharming" parties where, I shit you not, kids just bring bottles of whatever prescription drugs they can get, and mix all this shit up on a table and divvy it up between them and basically then STICK HANDFULLS OF RANDOM PILLS UP THEY BUTTS.


    My question is, this sounds pretty much retarded. Do people really do this?
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    Hmm... Plugging A few pills of xanax or something sounds like it'd be easier than a couple grams of loose powder cocaine, none of those drugs sound particularly appealing to plug to me tho.

    I have made liquid solutions when I have plugged and primarily explored this ROA with psychedelics but I have found it a worthwhile way to administer certain drugs. Potency is boosted, some negative physical effects can be lessened and it can shorten the duration to some chems which may be desired if the duration is a bit long winded.
  7. I think it works with anything where the drugs effect is based off of getting into the bloodstream, which happens to be a lot, perhaps every drug.

    I remember hearing it about alcohol and I thought it was a joke, but sure enough it was researched. Yeah, I think the breathalyzer thing was bullshit!

    I don't know HOW to do it with any drug, but I know it can be done, sounds like that was already answered though, with this water and pill method.

    I forget the science about it, I think it was something about how it bypasses the stomach acids so you get more of the drug or something?
  8. Rectal administration: The liquid is absorbed by the very large mucous membrane surface of the colon, and expedite the substance directly to the brain via the bloodstream.

    So Plugging is bypassing the entire digestive system and bio-availability (potency) becomes very high. On some highly soluble drugs, such as Ritalin, availability is only second to IV. 98%. So potency is doubled.

    Done safely, it's one of the safest (if not THE safest) route of administration. No nausea or discomfort (swallowing/oral), no drip or damage to nose (railing), no risk to damage the gums (sub-lingual). Just clean effects.

    The only danger there is that due to the absence of discomfort and high efficiency, the risk to overdose is very high. Plugging hits fast and hard, and once in, there's no way back. But done responsibly, it's very safe.

    I reguraly plug my Ritalin script, especially for therapeutic use (I just dose half the prescribed amount). Everything else being the same: Instant onset without the discomfort if I swallow as prescribed.
  9. Many drug users plug their drugs. Especially people that don't want to go down the IV/IM ROA.
    Take Dilaudid for example. Very inefficient to take orally, slightly inefficient to take nasally, efficient to take rectally as well as IM, and extremely efficient to take IV.
    When using this drug you can use have your regular dose to receive the same desired effects without having to use needles.

    Just my 2 cents.
    And yes it is always best to have a bowel movement before taking the substance.
    If your going to try this take a spoon, powder your substance up and put in the spoon, put enough drops of water to completley cover the substance, mix thouroughly, take syringe and pull plunger back until all of your dose is in there and if your substance is water soluble might as well filter with a cotton ball. Then you should be able to handle the rest.
  10. I just crush up the pills into a powder, mix with water and slide a syringe up my ass hole and inject it. After about 10 minutes I feel a rush in my ass, balls, penis, and lower stomach. I then get a nice relaxing high. I would rather take my opiods that way than by mouth. It turns me own too.

    Here is the bulb syringe I use and I insert the tube into my ass. I have pictures of my entire process if you want to see. Email and ask about plug pics. :) I am 29 and a regular guy. I am not a weird person or a pervert. I simply enjoy this. I can share this with you if you wish.
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    I was reading these posts and now I have to go take a shit... this thread is better than the morning coffee!!!
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    I only really do one drug these days and that's cocaine (though I don't do it anywhere near as often as I was doing it a few years back) I recently tried plugging as I'm used to snorting around anything between 2-6 wraps for me to get through (I insist on a minimum of two in a personal session) and this particular time I only had money for one, that with the fact I had just got back from drinking at a party all day (another rare event these days) so I knew I wouldn't feel the high too well being drunk and taking coke the usual way, I opted for crushing the coke into finest powder as possible, gauging about half the amount that I would have in a line usually, put it in a small wrap of tissue paper (just large enough to envelop the powder properly), dipped the tissue wrap in a pre prepared container of water to give better absorption, then whacked it up there a few inches, I did this a few times through the session with a few standard lines snorted the old fashioned way and it definitely produced better bang for buck as usually being that drunk I would have struggled to feel much stimulation from snorting alone (especially not being great quality stuff) if I did it again I would make sure the wrap was only 'one layer thick' as when you wrap it over on itself it can double the layers up meaning less absorption, also being just one layer thick means higher chance of it breaking up as you push it in which is ideally better
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