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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by tourette_fire, May 9, 2007.

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    me nd somefriends are gettin some acid on friday, we were gna take a tab each round 9 o clock nd the go to this party/rave at 1 am

    were also campin in a field right next to the party before and after it starts

    do u think this is a good idea as weve never done acid before?

    also the dealer were buying the acid of sed tht it would be best to do them on saterday morning insted of on night as it would be to "synister" at night, he alo said that no many peole buy them as they are intesse

    please could you offer suggestion on what to do : )
  2. doesnt sound to safe if tis your first time, your first time u wana get a feel for whats commin and generally knwo a bit more in detail about the effects, do acid a couple times in a safe, closed envoronment before u go on an expidition
  3. take it, see how your doing, casue u got 4 hours to see if you want to go the party.
    personnally, id do it saturday if you have the time in the day.
  4. acid is fine for a party, but i dont know if its your first time.
    if you choose to do it friday you'll know if the party will be a good idea.

  5. Glordag

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    It sounds to me like your dealer was trying to manipulate you. There's not really anything "sinister" about night on acid. In fact, I rather prefer the night and many others do, as well. I wouldn't go to the rave for your first time. Even if you're feeling ok after a couple of hours, an acid trip can take twists and turns, so it might not go so well once you get there. For a first time a rave could be REALLY intimidating and uncomfortable. If you DO go, make sure you can leave and get back to your camp at will. Being trapped there would be absolutely horrible.

    Personally, I would suggest taking the acid and just camping out. I think you'll find that that will be plenty interesting enough.
  6. coadyj

    coadyj Member

    sound like a great idea to me. just make sure to keep you wits about you. and always remember to laugh. Wouldnt like to be you trying to sleep in a sleeping ground outside. one tab wont send you into space or anything so i would say you will be fine.

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