Please Help Me Figure This Movie Out

Discussion in 'Cult Movies' started by TransAmRocker, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. TransAmRocker

    TransAmRocker Member

    I cannot remember what movie this was from my childhood. I will describe to the best of my knowledge. I know this is an 80s movie MAYBE very early 90s. There is a mark of some sort in the back of people's neck to tell they are monster's or possessed. Also, a boy puts a penny in a slot of a monster's head(?) to shoot out a laser. It is killing me not to remember this darn movie. I tried google and other search engines. PLEASE HELP ME OUT SOMEONE!!!
  2. dollydagger

    dollydagger Needle to the Groove

    hmmm......some of it sounds that all you can remember?
  3. TransAmRocker

    TransAmRocker Member

    that is all i can remember. The penny that the boy puts has to be copper, that is the only way it works. They might be in a cave of some sort. PLEASE HELP
  4. TransAmRocker

    TransAmRocker Member

    THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! i found out what movie it is. Invaders from Mars

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