Please help!!! I cant remember the series

Discussion in 'Erotic Books' started by btfldrkheart, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I read a few books in I think a 10 part series a few years ago and and dying to find them again. It was a series about strong dominant men who get involved with submissive women. There is one book where there are 2 brothers who own a very successful business and the girl they want to have a relationship with is the secretary. There is also a part in one of the books where the men are apart of a mens only club and the women break into it to try and antagonize their men to get spanked. Also I think there is one book with a girl who's father monitors her virginity because is she losses it she wont get the family fortune so she only has anal and one of the guys from the club is really into her.

    I REALLY hope someone knows this series. I wish I could remember more but that is all I can.

    Please tell me if you know it.

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