Please give me advice on what is up with this girl?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by heygirlhey298, May 29, 2013.

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    We are both 21/22 now, this happened a few years ago. What would be your opinion on if a girl , got a little tipsy and “came out” to someone else, but then the next day avoided the person. What would be your opinion on if a girl got a lil tipsy ( 2 beers) and decided to open up to another girl who is a lipstick ( feminine) lesbian. The girl acted incredibly shy and nervous upon hearing that i am a lesbian. The moment she layed eyes on me, she stared then looked away really fast and then acted incredibly uncomfortable . Then later in the night, the girl wanted to come with me to the bathroom after i said i had to go, then admits she is a lesbian and thinks i am Beautiful. Then talks a little , acts flirty and nervous and then makes a move on me. A guy approached us and was hitting on me, when she said to him ” this is MY GIRL, we dont like boys” . We makeout and hold hands and kiss and cuddle all night. etc with the girl making mostly all of the moves ( and the initial move) It was clear the girl was nervous, but was enjoying every second of it. After the initial makeout session, when we pulled back from the kiss the smile on her face was priceless, then we leaned in to kiss again….everything was magical. It literally was like love at first sight. She held the me the entire night, arm around me, holding hands, everything. …. But then towards the end of the night started acting cold and like nervous. Then the next day i tried texting her, i got No response, and i tried adding her on facebook and she BLOCKED ME. wow so then she avoided me literally for over a year LIKE THE PLAGUE. I figured she hated me, I had no idea why considering SHE was the one who made the moves on me..
    Well The girl is back in my life now tho :) ( and unblocked me on facebook) , which i am just happy about because i do care about this girl. Alot of Suggestible things have happened with how she acts towards me, her acting very flirty to me. She’s followed me FIRST on a few websites ( kinda funny since remember she blocked me on facebook after that night…lol). Anyways, for example, one time she saw me walking with my head down on campus looking at my ipod and ran up to me grabbed me with the biggest smile on her face, lifted me up and hugged me… I couldnt believe it!!! Other “weird” amazing things have happened as well too much to write….. and these all happened while SOBER. she even asked my gay guy friend where i was one night. what the hell? .. .but, She still sometimes acts all avoidy and shy and awkward around me tho, which then makes me think she hates me!. Sometimes when i try to reach out to her or contact her, she wont respond, and it feels like she is trying to ignore me. ( i dont try to reach out too often, since i dont want to look overbearing).
    Anyways, the girl has never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship. And the girl to her friends tries acting straight somewhat. As well, her friends have told me she usually makes excuses to them as to why she isnt interested in a guy. We are both attractive girls who get hit on guys plenty.

    … Do you think the girl is having an issue with accepting herself as lesbian? Alcohol can’t CHANGE a person to somebody they arent. And if the girl was straight or something, i just dont see the need as to why she would avoid me and act all weird around me. Would someone who is straight act this way? Thoughts? What do you think is going thru her mind? Do you think she is aware of her sexuality and just scared, or in Such denial? Why would someone act THIS way? Is something wrong with me?? like i dont think i did ANYTHING wrong, but why does she act like she hates me sometimes! Defense mechanisms? I just dont understand how she acts towards me. It’s clear she has to somewhat care about me right? but then why do we go thru periods where she doesnt contact me or make any effort towards me at ALL? Ahh.. I really need some advice. And she only acts this way towards me, its kinda frustrating and i dont get it . It’s clear she isn’t ready to accept the fact that she MIGHT be a lesbian, but i would just appreciate if i could have some thoughts on what you think is going on in her head. why do you think she blocked me, why does she still avoid me at times and not respond to me, but then sometimes like explodes and does something amazing to me? Would a straight person at like this? i just dont want to waste my thoughts on her… thanks
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    Maybe she is just afraid to be "out" and she really does like you, but she's worried about rejection from everyone else? That's a tough situation.
  3. BeachBall

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    In a word ... yes!

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