pity fear.....

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 19, 2004.

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    for all

    follow ,states of minds enfold.
    under pressure under minded.
    left between the heart and thought.
    never granted morning rays,
    shine so silky.

    the faces smile ,see vision blind.
    fools reminded past gone by.
    many a touch tender now.
    forgoten tongues words again.
    pity fear pity it well,
    it eats the human you know ,
    we all can twist.

    tilt in rivers rushing onward.
    waves of future push completely
    over me.
    gasp in fluid, lungs drawn deep.
    never realized im drowning.
    did you notice inside bleeds.
    flowing life passion flys.

    oh now leave ,pass away
    body reaches ,tainted long
    swimming heavy ,knee deep
    catch my body ,enter willingly
    im no match for youth ,i know
    life has to be long and old.........

    {something today opened my mind
    to being here.........maybe my children
    they are growing and learning
    im grown but learning still...
    so how old is life. and this came from that thought}

    thank you for reading
    love n peace from saff
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    *stares stunned at teh computer screen*

    Great job, real emotion.
    I love it
  3. VanAstral

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    good stuff
  4. saffronfrancisburnet

    saffronfrancisburnet Member

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    thank you for these replys

    i hope to pass on all i have felt thought and feel think
    maybe even futher my vision with your replys...........
    what my life has given me and others in my path.
    all who need to read...
    to write to tell of life with love entwined.

    thank you again love n peace from saff.

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