pistils whilst in growth stage

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by tol, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. meangreen

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    Change your reading material,that book has malot of questionable and misleasing information .It is correct in that you can with no guarentee get a rise in female progeny using the pollin from a staminate flower late in the cycle that has formed on a pistillate female to cross with a pure pistillate flower,but only in late flower and unstressed.The only guarentee you have is that some of the offspring will be pistillate hermaphrodites and there is no guarentee of pure pistillate progeny.You never have guarentee of all female offspring what ever way ya go about it.Read Clarke's book,it's unquestioned and written from a botonists point of view and not by 2 people trying to get rich.

    If I was gonna call you a fool I would have directed it at you.Dont believe everything you read,practical application will prove alot of written information wrong.
  2. GuySmiley

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    I understand why you are trying to get at budfarmer and yes, you can RAISE the female ratio by producing female seed from hermied pollen plants, BUT, plants cannot loose genetic traits over time like humans can, hahahaha..... The hermie gene will always be carried and show it's ugly head every new crop. Thus, it is not 100% female seed.

    Ed and Frank are betting on the idea that you will think that from reading thier essay on female seeds, that they mean 100% female seed can be produced by stressing a plant into hermaphrodism and using it's pollen to seed up a stable flowering female. They don't explain that you can't successfully morph mother nature without a few undesired side affects.
  3. This thread just went way over my fuckin head. lol

    Many thanks to all those who added information to this thread.
    Although I am about as lost as a guy can be, BUT it will all make sense in time.

    I will say that Clark is pretty much right on when it comes to methods I have learned and have practiced. Ed has always been in it for the cash.
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    sounds like a magic bullet theory. if you stress an XX to have mutant male flowers, then the pollen from those XX flowers create and carry an extra Y? stress is an enviromental factor, not a genetic, it would be my opinion if you took away the environmental stress, you would not get genetic defects.
    although, the miracle of life is very much a mystery, and environment has shown to have genetic effects in almost everything. take white and black people for instance, or even different strains of dope. so i have to both agree and disagree with both sides of the argument, even if im the one who started the one side. although i still doubt that water stress or severe prunning through one cycle will produce hermies with a magic Y for ever, i guess its possible. damn im too confused, im gonna go get stoned and forget about this.
  5. budfarmer

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    i guess nobody else can be right on this forum,
  6. budfarmer

    budfarmer Member

    talk about in it for the money look at the fuck this forum is named for, yall have a great grow later wanna be's.

  7. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Nobody said you were wrong,just off on the facts a little,ya need to base your facts on pragmatics and not info out of a book that is written by 2 guys that are feeding off peoples money like yours while supplying false,incomplete and mis leading info.Grow up and except reality and happy reading,may you one day achieve the knowlege you dont have.
  8. ----Butfarter. -Sounds like yer fartin yer but, -not farmin yer bud. :)

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