Pineapple fund gives 4 million to PTSD MDMA research

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    An anonymous man who got rich with Bitcoin has donated to this research. From his online posts her seems very passionate about MDMA. I wonder if since he is an unknown doner it is perhaps because of how he made those bitcoins. He is no doubt someone who would have understood certain technologies.

    Can ecstasy treat PTSD? A Bitcoin philanthropist is willing to pay millions to find out

    $4mil will fund MDMA trials for PTSD; marked 'Breakthrough Therapy' by FDA. Pineapple Fund is matching MAPS donations 1:1. Reddit, let's make history by crowdfunding an incredible treatment for PTSD, in bitcoin! • r/Bitcoin
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    I like pineapple too.
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    I also like pineapples.
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    Interesting :) Thanks for sharing!
  5. I imagine there are lots of people who want in on that clinical test! :)

    I don't have PTSD but I would take molly for science, no problem. I would love to roll again, but only if it were legal. I used to wonder if I could travel somewhere where it would be. I think it is virtually unregulated in Mexico, but I just saw something yesterday warning people not to travel there. I'm a little skeptical for that reason. The warning was pretty clear. Areas of Mexico have been red flagged or something along those lines.

    When I was young I always felt that ecstasy was sort of a benign drug. I think I thought that because it came in a pill form that sort of suggested to my mind that it was safer than some other drugs. Anyway.. :)
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