Pictures Of Your Feet Part Two

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by Boogabaah, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Mattekat

    Mattekat Ice Queen of The North

    And today. Wet footprints and my dirty feet after work. There are these berries growing on vines all over a tree right over the dock at work and my feet are stained with berry juice now.

    IMG_20160903_7966.jpg IMG_20160903_59468.jpg
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  2. bare feet and crutches

    bare feet and crutches Well-Known Member

    You work barefoot?
  3. Mattekat

    Mattekat Ice Queen of The North

    In the summer I do! I'm applying for a job right now for the winter where I will have to wear safety boots though...
  4. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    That's a bummer, but I guess if it's a job and needs must....

    I too work bf, in an office job. I just gradually started doing it. Now people express surprise when I'm wearing shoes, eg if I have a formal meeting to attend (the shoes come off again asap though!). Yesterday I was helping clear out an old storage room attached to the underground car park. My feet were soon filthy black, but no one commented. One lunchtime last week I was standing in the queue at the bank and some guy came up and said it was cool I was bf, how he admired me and wished he could, etc.
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  5. sixties_freak

    sixties_freak Member

    Barefoot in the subway yesterday.

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  6. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Nice pic, dh. The subway/tube is the best place for filthy feet :). The London tube leaves mine looking the same. I just don't understand why more people don't go bf :)
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  7. sixties_freak

    sixties_freak Member

    Thanks. Unfortunately summer is ending so
    it will soon be months of having to wear shoes. Maybe there might be a few warm days in October hopefully.
  8. Tech Mo

    Tech Mo Member

    I have been going barefoot on the tube, to and back from work. Like you said, its gets your feet filth [​IMG]
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  9. Chipl95

    Chipl95 Supporter HipForums Supporter

  10. bfe2012

    bfe2012 Active Member

  11. edde

    edde Young barefooter

    I see that everyone post some pictures of his feet here
    So I'm doing the same thing :grinning::grinning:
    Dirty feet after one day barefoot in the city !
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  12. bfe2012

    bfe2012 Active Member

    Your feet look great!
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