pic from a skitz

Discussion in 'Art' started by Darius, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Darius

    Darius Member

    this is a picture i drew when i was diagnosed skitzaphrenic right out of the hospital about 6 months ago, i wasnt in my right mind at the time. The picture is me and my mother sitting on the couch

  2. yeah i know the feeling...

    explain what it means to you;)

    i do some strange werid shit when im in manic mode.
  3. Darius

    Darius Member

    It doesnt mean much to me. Just weird perspective drawings i was doing at the time. They usually had me in them as a stick figure holding what im drawing on.
  4. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    that's very interesting, especially the mom

    the weird thing about me is I can draw well when I'm manic or depressed
    and I can barely draw at all when I'm not

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