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  1. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Pacific O Mouthed

    windy after-noon on

    the coast of California

    as long white strands of

    sand stone hair

    conjoins to the membrain of Oceania,

    and dips deeper

    and deeper

    like the snail tenticles of a Man-O-War

    Reaching toward the mute mermaids,

    even Further-

    and Men

    with gills

    crawl up the Bonsai

    out there

    growing gills, like I said

    as Insomaniacal sings his Mantra:

    "Let's go back into

    the ocean"
    Over and


    undereath a Bonsai opposite lung,

    'neath the sun

    who shuns anyone

    in sphere-star presence

    too long with a warm and toasty


    Look deep into the eyes

    of bored angels

    who float above the bonsais

    and leave their halos hanging from

    the branches 'cause

    Earth is H E A V E N L I E S T.

    Look, you're breathing

    you can't see them NOW

    but it's evident that Trees are

    really just the complete opposite of


    It was then,

    that I harvested the unicorn

    and replaced her forehead food

    with a beautiful spiral cone

    that shined for thirty seven years (In one moment).

    I was not hungry the next day,

    Riding that unicone

    into the morning

    of sandy sheets.

    I don't want to be awake

    any longer
  2. stalk

    stalk Banned

    bored eternal angels,
    is what will be said.

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