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  1. ruby-tuesday

    ruby-tuesday Member

    Are there any other photographers out there? here is some of my work. Nothing special... I prefer nature photography myself..
    Warning: some of these photos are quite large. You can view more in my photo galleries..

    Lake Nipissing

    Chateau Lake Louise - Lake Louise, Alberta

    Miscellaneous Flowers


    I haven't had any formal education yet... although I'm enrolled at fanshawe in London for September 2009. I currently work with canon rebel xsi..
  2. TheWhoRocks

    TheWhoRocks Member

    nice pics !
    I love close ups and have taken quite a few myself.
    I just have an older Kodak point and shoot 3.1M camera
    but some of the shots I get are great (or so I think).
    If I can figure out how to up load pics I'll put some up.

    found one .... (btw how do you upload picture like you did I could
    only attach mine :( ) I also noticed that attached photos loose resolution.
    This picture is better than it shows ...
  3. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    I'm also a photographer, though my pictures can't compare to yours.

    I blame my camera, actually, my lack of one :/
  4. ruby-tuesday

    ruby-tuesday Member

    What kind of camera do you have?
  5. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    I don't actually have one. Everything I took [it was like 3 years ago] was with my mother's Powershot A5.
  6. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    I love taking photos and also want to enrol in some classes/courses this year to learn more. I prefer film photagraphy though. I love the whole mystery of not knowing what the photos are going to turn out like till they're developed. I love natural shots of people. people laughing and dancing. people crying and hugging. people swimming and eating.
  7. OlderWaterBrother

    OlderWaterBrother May you drink deeply Lifetime Supporter

    I just recently started photography using digital.

    I had always heard the best way to become a good photographer was to take lots and lots of photos and for me, a poor boy, that was just too expensive with film.

    I started with a Vivitar ViviCam 3915, pretty much a point and shoot about 3 years ago and just recently up graded to a Nikon Coolpix L18, still pretty much a point and shoot but with more megapixels and more bells and whistles.

    Also, if the price is right, I'm looking to get a Nikon digital SLR.

    I still carry the Vivitar with me all the time, for a quick pic of something but if I'm going hiking or something, I take the Nikon along.

    Here's a couple recent Photos taken with the Vivitar.


  8. ruby-tuesday

    ruby-tuesday Member

    i have one shot with a tree directly in the middle however, i usually prefer not to have trees in the middle of my shots.
  9. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    i love nature photos, your are great
  10. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Those are beautiful sunset pictures. Great job of capturing them, and thank you for sharing the beauty.

    I do think that if you want to delve deeper into photography, a Nikon D40 would be a great addition to your equipment selection. But if you can raise a little extra money, I'd definitely save and go for a Canon Rebel XT/XTi/XS/XSi.

    It's a lot of personal preference when it comes to choosing a camera though. Some people will tell you that the Canons are the best things that they've ever used, while all the Nikon fanboys out there will enlighten you to how much they suck. If possible, try going to a local store, maybe Best Buy or something and trying them all out for yourself.

    Also, you have to keep in mind the price of lenses. If you don't want to do much more advanced stuff, you can probably get away with using the standard 18-55mm that comes standard with many of the new DSLRs.

    But if you have any other questions on the subject, let me know. I may be able to help.
  11. OlderWaterBrother

    OlderWaterBrother May you drink deeply Lifetime Supporter

    Thanx and I probably sould have said, when I posted them, that these are sunrise pictures; you know, the sun also rises. ;) They were also taken of the western sky, the sky opposite the rising sun.

    Seeing as I have no clue about cameras, why would you suggest a Canon over a Nikon?

    I've heard, somewhere, that the Nikon lens system makes lens change quick and easy and I heard some time back that they have the best lens selection of any camera system, I don't know, is that is true?
  12. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    I have moved this thread together with its lovely photos into the photography subforum.

    A couple of my own...



  13. ruby-tuesday

    ruby-tuesday Member

  14. OlderWaterBrother

    OlderWaterBrother May you drink deeply Lifetime Supporter

    There really is beauty all around us, if we will only look.

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