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    CONCEPT: On the occasion of the final Phish show, Sunday August 15, give the band a thank you gift. We will give one "gift," through crowd participation, at the start of each of the 3 sets of the final Phish show.

    INGREDIENTS: Every person at Coventry -- i.e., as many as possible -- walks into the final show with three things: (1) a flower, (2) a balloon, and (3) a candle.

    Ideally every Coventry attendee will get this message and bring a flower and a balloon and a candle, but realistically, we can expect to get this message via internet to probably 50-70% of attendees. Therefore, those who have the means are requested to bring extras -- get a bouquet of cheap flowers, a bag of balloons, and/or a bag of candles, and hand them out before the show to those who are without.


    PHASE ONE -- The Shower of Flowers.

    The first gift is to shower the band with flowers -- just as at an opera or play, where the audience gives the players flowers, but here the amount of flowers is massive.

    Again, every person, or as many people as possible, enter the final show with a flower in their hand. Any kind of flower -- but the more durable the better. Bring a bouquet if you want. And if you can bring extras to hand out to those without, please do so.

    First off, imagine how delightful it will be for every person entering the show to be holding a flower.

    When the band takes the stage at the start of the FIRST SET of the last show, in daylight, the people in front toss their flowers on the front of the stage. Meanwhile, everyone behind them starts passing their flowers forward, person to person, up to the front, where the people in front continue to shower the front of the stage with flowers. Soon, through a big, interactive crowd action, there are hundreds, then a thousand, then 2,000, then 5,000, then 10,000, then more single flowers on the front of the stage. (My survey of fans reveals a consensus that the band is set up 15-20 feet back from the front of the stage, leaving ample room for flowers).

    All the while, as soon as the flower-passing begins, a chant rises up: "THANNNNNNNNK YOU! THANNNNNNNK YOU!" In the same cadence and rhythm as a basketball crowd chanting "Airrrrrrrrrrr-ball! Airrrrrrrrrrr-ball!" To synchronize everyone, the Thank You chant must start in the FRONT of the crowd, with everyone behind joining in as it builds.

    The effect: The band takes the stage for its final show ever and is greeted with a shower of flowers and a massive chant of "THANNNNNNNNNNNK YOU!" As one friend put it, this should be "very moving" for the band.

    PHASE TWO: The Balloon (Un)Drop

    The second "gift" is visual -- creating a balloon "drop" in the middle of an airfield. We cannot drop the balloons, but we can collectively release them.

    When the band takes the stage for the SECOND SET of the final Phish show, in twilight, every person in the audience simultaneously inflates their balloon and releases it into the crowd.

    The effect: As the band takes the stage, now in twilight, suddenly from the crowd emerges an ocean of balloons.

    PHASE THREE: Light up the Night.

    The final gift is an audio and visual gift for the band. When the band takes the stage for the THIRD and FINAL Phish set -- it is dark now, so i.e., when the field lights drop -- everyone in the crowd lights their candle. And, again, the chant rises up, starting in the front, "THANNNNNNNK YOU! THANNNNNNNNK YOU!"

    The effect: Done properly, the band is greeted for its final set with a light show provided by the crowd. It should be pretty bitchin' to watch from the crowd, too.

    DETAILS -- How do we pull this off?

    This message is being released simultaneously on many Phish discussion boards and through the personal Phish lists of several dozen people.

    HOW YOU CAN HELP: You can help spread the word about this Thank You Project in several ways:

    1. SPREAD THIS MESSAGE VIA INTERNET: Post this message on your Phish discussion board (if you haven't seen it there yet), and pass this message to YOUR own personal Phish list, including (and especially) everyone with whom you are traveling to Coventry. Ask your friends to keep this message moving.

    This message will be followed up with periodic reminder announcements on the major discussion boards between now and Coventry.

    This should get the word out to a decent percentage of the people who will be attending.

    2. INDIVIDUAL LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION: Once at Coventry, by using leaflets we can spread the word to those who have not yet heard of what to do and when.

    No one wants to be responsible for distributing hundreds of leaflets, e.g., at the gate. So instead, it's a group effort. At the bottom of this message is the text of a leaflet containing the bare essential information. If you are so inclined, please cut and paste this information into a document and PRINT it out -- make 5 or 10 or 20 copies. If you know how, format it to make 4 or 6 leaflets per 8.5 x 11 page and cut them up. Then, when you arrive at Coventry, give those copies to the people who are camping immediately around you.


    Finally, a few suggestions and requests:

    1. Getting flowers to the show -- It will be hot, so keep your flower(s) cool. Wrap the bottom of the stem(s) in a wet paper towel and, if you have one, keep the flower(s) in your cooler. Also, if you can, choose a durable flower, i.e. one with a thicker stem.

    2. Again, if you can afford it, PLEASE pick up a few extra flowers, balloons, and/or candles and give them away to people who don't have one.

    3. PLEASE do not sell these items for a profit. The intent of this project is to create a GIFT from the fans to the band. If you want to bring extras, it is preferred that you give them away in the spirit of giving, but if you want to sell them, please do so at face value.

    4. If you get this message and are connected to the band, PLEASE do not tell them about this!

    Thanks in advance to everyone for their help with this. Together, I think we can make the final Phish show even more memorable, for us and for the band.

    <<cut and paste the following language and print into leaflets>>


    Bring: One flower, one balloon, one candle

    SET ONE -- When the band takes the stage, pass your flowers forward.
    People in the front, throw the flowers on the front of the stage. As soon as the
    flower-passing begins, people in the front begin to chant "THANNNNNNNNK
    YOU! THANNNNNNNK YOU!" in the same cadence and rhythm as a
    basketball crowd chanting "Airrrrrrrrrrr-ball! Airrrrrrrrrrr-ball!" Everyone behind
    the front section, wait for it to build and join in.

    SET TWO -- When the band takes the stage, blow up your balloon
    and release it into the crowd.

    SET THREE -- When the band takes the stage, light your candle. Repeat
    the "THANNNNNNNNNK YOU!" chant, again starting in the front section.
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    this sounds like an awesome idea...i really hope it works out. i'll bring all the extras i can
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    This sounds awesome!! I will pass the word to all of my friends going... and all of their friends... etc I hope this works out!
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    i really like this idea i think that we should thank the band for all of the great music they have given us.

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