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    I just received my phenibut yesterday when I got home. I started out with a 1g dose, waited 3 hours and took 2g more because I was just barely feeling it. Over the next 2 hours I started to feel pretty good. I felt calm, and in a way sort of numb. 2 or 3 hours later I took 2g more. I didn't see that much difference from taking 2g more up until I went to bed at about 2am. I didn't get out of bed until 7:30pm today!!! I don't normally sleep that late. I stay up till 2am many nights during the week. I was really drowsy when I was in bed today, and didn't really wanna get out of bed because I was still under the influence of phenibut, but when I did actually get up I was okay but still under the influence. It was obvious because I'm used to waking up completely sober, normally going to sleep resets everything back to normal.

    So today I wake up. I take another 2g of phenibut. After I wasted like an hour or so doing basically nothing I decide to get dressed to go outside and decide to go to the liquor store. I stand for a second in the elevator before picking a floor, not forever like has happened on dissociatives and stuff but just a couple seconds before it clicks that theres another step involved in getting outside.

    When I get outside I walk down the street slower than usual, everytime something catches my attention I look in that direction, and continue to look that way for some times, in some cases even when its gone. It's almost as if I'm seeing this for the first time. Everything is interesting. I walk across the street and go in starbucks. I can't decide to get a hot or cold drink. My neighbor says they're closing in a few minutes (she works at starbucks) so I get a hot vanilla latte since it's not that hot today (seems like half of the people I saw were wearing long sleeves or jackets)

    One of the doors I walk by is a store I decide to go in. I had already decided I want a strawberry nesquik but I don't go directly to it, I decide to look at everything on this side of the store and evaluate whether or not I need to buy it. I pick up several items and sit them on a platform and then get out my phone and call someone to ask them if I should buy them or not. They said I probably shouldn't buy one of the items because I could find a better deal elsewhere. I was in the middle of arguing how there's a tradeof between buying something at a store across the street, and saving 20 cents so by going somewhere across town to buy the same thing; and the fact that even though it's an impulse buy, it's something I actually need. I guess I had been in there for a while because one of the employees confronted me and asked if I was gonna buy anything. I told him I might have bought the whole store but since you're gonna limit my time to shop I guess I'm only gonna guy these items. I go ahead and check out and exit the store. As I get around the corner I see a guy passed out on the sidewalk to my left, and a security guy standing over him trying to wake him up. There is a cop standing on the corner. This is a pretty normal occurance, and normally I wouldn't look twice, and would just step over them if they were actually in my way but this time I kinda just stand there and eat my pizza, and slowly make my way to the trashcan since I will need to throw away the box it came in (i don't understand people who litter when there's a trash can on every corner). I make my way across the street slowly and stand there for a second to watch. They finally got the guy up and are helping him to walk across the street. They say something to him about the middle of the street is not the place to pass out and where he is is right over the train tracks. I guess they just wanna get him off that block.

    I go into the liquor store there. I open one of the refrigerators and then close it because I don't want them to bitch at me about leaving the door open. I just stand there for a few minutes because I'm indecive as fuck. I never decided on a particular beer, or even if I wanted a 24oz or a 40, or even a 6-pack. I finally decide on a 40 of bud ice. The dude in front of me and his interaction with the cashier kinda made me laugh. I tell the cashier about the dude in the other store. I know this guy (sometimes he gets me drunk as hell), I recently did some electrical work in the store, it was luck that the whole store didn't burn down (the only reason was that the wiring burned up and got so brittle that it broke off and broke the circuit).

    As I'm walking back I notice everything. All the people are interesting (I love people watching). I notice that it's brighter than normal, or maybe I don't normally notice it. Normally these streets seem kindof dark because they're lit by sodium vapor lamps but now they seem quite bright, and I notice different colors of signs and the bright orange-yellow light of the street lamps. I see cars go by, busses, taxis, and different people. I notice what looks like christmas lights in a 4th floor window and wonder if that's always been there or not (kinda early for xmas ?). This lady is walking a dog and stops so several people can pet it. The dog is totally interesting to me, I want to pet it too, so when I get up to it I pet it too. It's a puppy and it feels very good. I wish I had a puppy also. This whole experience, just walkin to the store reminded me of MDMA, and makes me wanna do E again. I see my neighbor again in the lobby and get to talk to her in the elevator. She says working there makes her so tired. I ask her if it's dealing with people that makes her tired and she says it's because you have to be nice to everyone.

    I finally make it in and forget about the beer I bought. A couple hours ago I go to it but it's hot so I put it in the fridge for a while and make something to eat. I just now finally drank it.

    It's hard to say what exactly phenibut feels like. It's not terribly strong, it doesn't get you super fucked up but it does have a definite effect. I'd say in a way it reminds me of a mild GHB, say maybe 1 cap of G. I dont know what higher doses of phenibut would be like. The body feel reminds me of oxycodone. There is also a component that reminds me of MDMA, but you're not blowing up, there's just a mild empathogenic component. There's a reduction in anxiety, everything is okay. There is also a slight visual disortion. Lights seem brighter, higher contrast. A bit like the visual distortion alcohol can cause but you'd have to be pretty drunk, and then you may be too drunk to really notice, but on phenibut you don't feel physically drunk, or have the cognitive impairment, at least not to the extent alcohol causes.
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    Kinda skimmed through a bit too long. Sound interesting though. What made you want a dissasociative and strawberry nesquick for the win!!!!
  3. AceK

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    I didn't want a dissociated, I was just referring to something that has happened on dissociatives because of how they make you zoned out. It doesn't really feel like a dissociatives. I think it may deserve it's own category but there are similarities to other substances. I did not mean for it to be so long and this may be an effect of the drug too. That whole trip to those 3 store took a fucking hour!!!

    It seems to increase my tinnitus, but I normally have some.
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    Sounds interesting aside from making you sleep all day. I had read about the effects resembeling GHB somewhat but even better hearing there is an MDMA component to it. Considering the after effects and that I hear tolerance goes up real quickly, phenibut is probably not something ill be in a rush to get but seems like it's fairly quality.
  5. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    if I had to describe GHB I would probably make some comparisons to MDMA even tho they are completely different drugs, one a depressant and one a stimulant even though I think that is sometimes an overgeneralization. Phenibut is a downer but it seems to have some properties of a stimulant. This morning I didn't go to bed till 7:30 and didn't fall asleep till 9am but I told myself I wasn't gonna let that happen (sleeping ALL day) again. It may have been because of how late I slept but I have read many trip reports and seen this mentioned. I have read of the tolerance and that there are withdrawals, the container says "Do not take more than 3 days in a row without 2-3 day wash out".

    I'm not sure if this is a good substance for me to have a large amount in my possession. I wanted something for anxiety that's not a benzo or something that will show up in a drug test, and I tested myself after taking etizolam and you couldn't come up more positive for benzos than that.
  6. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    GHB garnered the nickname liquid X so you probably aren't the only one. I've tried G only once, with a redose, it didn't feel too similar to X for me but it did have an energetic quality to it. I've seen GHB classified as a hypnotic and in a twist of irony, it was often used by body builders for workouts when legal, and MDMA is often classified as a psychedelic in a lot of literature and the epitome for the class of empathogens.

    As variable as those can be, I get the impression Phenibut is not quite as dynamic, does it have much recreational potential or pretty much good to calm some nerves and relieve some anxiety?
  7. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I dont think it has that much recreational potential, but it does have some. Depends on what you consider recreational. It does make you want to take more, and to take it again. I've read negative things when people have take more than 5g so I'm scared to really push the dosage too much. I'm not gonna take any today because I don't wanna build up a tolerance and then get the phenibut withdrawals.

    This is a weird drug really, not bad but I probably should have gotten chlorobutanol or 2m2b.

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